Empathy & Expertise: Sarah Gross & Tara Hurster Decode the Creative Journey for NNC

Expertise in creative journey and empathy in design, a conversation for Never Not Creative

Sarah Gross, our very own brilliant Creative Director at Storyfolk, is back by popular demand for Never Not Creative’s renowned “Asking For A Friend” series. This isn’t your typical conversation—it’s a deep dive into the creative psyche, tearing down barriers and addressing questions most are afraid to ask.


Guiding the Creative Journey
with Thoughtful Leadership

Sarah’s return to “Asking For A Friend” not only underscores her commitment to fostering open dialogues within the creative industry but also highlights her willingness to freely share her knowledge, story and advice for the betterment of the creative industry. Handpicked by Never Not Creative, this series carefully selects industry leaders, like Sarah, and pairs them with seasoned psychologists and mental health professionals to delve into the often unspoken challenges faced by creative minds.

In this edition, Sarah collaborates with psychologist Tara Hurster from The TARA Clinic, facilitating a dynamic discussion expertly moderated by the empathetic Andy Wright. This event promises a rare blend of industry insights, design expertise, and psychological understanding—a unique mix that ensures a genuinely engaging conversation, leaving no aspect unexplored. Together, they aim to provide valuable insights, fostering a space for empathy and understanding within the creative community.

Save the Date: December 7, 2023

Circle December 7, 2023, on your calendar at 12:30 pm AEST, as Sarah Gross graces the virtual stage to share her experiences, insights, and wisdom. This online event is your chance to learn from one of the industry’s thought leaders.

Free Wisdom, Secure Your Spot!

Attendance is free, but registration is a must. Secure your spot now at Never Not Creative’s registration page to ensure you don’t miss out on this enriching experience.

Fuel the Conversation: Your Questions Matter!

“Asking For A Friend” thrives on active participation. Do you have burning questions about the creative process or maintaining a healthy work-life balance? Submit your anonymous questions here, and let Sarah and Tara provide the insights you seek.

Mental Health Matters in Creativity

This event is made possible with the generous support of Never Not Creative, AGDA, Mentally-Healthy Youngbloods, and Streamtime—a collective effort to create a space where creativity thrives, and mental health takes centre stage.

Expertise in creative journey and empathy in design, a conversation for Never Not Creative. Example of some questions on a branded blue panel

Grand Finale to 2023: Be Part of the Closing Act!

The December 2023 edition of “Asking For A Friend” with Sarah Gross and Tara Hurster promises to be a grand finale to a year of insightful conversations. Be part of this thought-provoking dialogue that empowers and inspires the creative minds shaping the future of design.

Note: Sarah and Tara were initially scheduled to participate in the August 2023 ‘Asking For A Friend.’ While Tara couldn’t make it, Sarah shared the stage with the equally capable and insightful Katie Feder, resulting in a captivating exploration of complex issues within the creative, design, and advertising industries.


Expertise in creative journey and empathy in design, a conversation for Never Not Creative. Identity shown in branded blue panel 'Asking for a friend' written in large letters.

Expertise in creative journey and empathy in design, a conversation for Never Not Creative. Sarah and Tara's portrait =and short bio featured on blue branded panel.

Interested in Sarah speaking at your event? Get in contact with us at Storyfolk for speaking engagements!


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