One Tree Planted: Our Studio’s Ethical Branding Pledge

Storyfolk Studio's Ethical Branding Pledge shown in icon design placed on an aerial shot of forest

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting partnership, one that’s dedicated to creating a lasting positive impact on our precious planet. We’ve been on a mission to go beyond the ordinary, setting a benchmark for corporate social responsibility and highlighting that you don’t have to be the biggest business to make a big impact. At Storyfolk, as an ethical branding agency, part of our brand values is the belief that every individual and business possesses the potential to drive meaningful change. While our work is a testament to this belief, we wanted to share how deeply we embed this ethos into our core.

We’re committed to planting a tree for every new client who has joined us since Storyfolk’s inception. Our tree-planting initiative, an integral part of our ethical branding studio, contributes to reforestation efforts, with a special focus on the landscapes of Australia. This initiative is more than just combating deforestation; it symbolizes our unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

One Tree Planted – an organization that shares our passion for environmental stewardship, aligns perfectly with our values as an ethical branding studio. You can find more about their incredible work on the One Tree Planted website.

But who are the true beneficiaries of this collaboration?

The Environment:

Our efforts in planting trees across diverse Australian ecosystems directly impact the environment. We, as an ethical branding studio, are providing crucial habitats and food sources for diverse species. This initiative aims to restore vital ecosystems, improve air and water quality, prevent further land degradation, and promote climate change resilience for future generations.

Our Clients:

Beyond offering branding and storytelling expertise, our partnership now extends to something even greater. Your collaboration with us, an ethical branding studio, contributes directly to reforestation, making your business association with Storyfolk more meaningful and eco-conscious.

Advocates for Ethical Branding:

For those who appreciate brands that stand for more than just products or services, Storyfolk, an ethical branding studio, embodies the ethos of “small studio, big impact” in all aspects. Our commitment to positive change extends beyond our studio walls, affecting the world in a profoundly positive way.

In our rapidly evolving world, where environmental consciousness is now at the forefront, partnerships like the one between One Tree Planted and Storyfolk, are not just valuable—they are essential.

We hope collaborations like this will become the new standard in the years ahead. We envision a world where every business lays the foundation for prosperity that extends beyond financial gain, benefiting people, our planet, and yes, even profit margins. Stay closely connected with us for updates on the impact of this partnership and others we have in the works.

We are thankful to our incredible clients who allow us to not only create meaningful work we love but support our vision to lead with our values as an ethical branding studio. We wake up each day feeling absolutely blessed to work on the projects we work on with incredibly inspiring people behind those projects too.

With each new client, we’re not just building memorable and impactful brands but crafting a greener, more sustainable future—one tree at a time.

Planting trees, one client at a time. Get in contact with us to make a difference.

One tree planted logo featured on photograph of hands holding a tree seedling

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