Co-Design in Rebranding: Empathy & Impact, interview with Mumbrella ft. CEO Leanne Beagley PhD.

Co-design in rebranding the National Centre, homepage of their website

Last week, our founders, Cass Mackenzie and Sarah Gross, along with the CEO of the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse, Leanne Beagley, sat down for an enlightening interview with Mumbrella. They delved into the significant role that co-design played in the recent rebranding success of the National Centre, emphasising the importance of engaging various stakeholders, including victims, survivors, and the broader community. The Mumbrella interview, titled “Balancing empathy and impact: how co-design helped guide the National Centre rebrand,” showcased the transformation of the National Centre and highlighted the success of our collaborative journey.

The Power of Co-Design in Rebranding:

At Storyfolk, we don’t view co-design as a mere checkbox; it’s at the core of our mission. Immersive workshops and conversations with a diverse group of stakeholders, especially victims and survivors, were instrumental in crafting a brand that resonated with a multitude of perspectives. The “Stories to the Forefront” concept emerged from these interactions, capturing the complexity and individuality of the impact of child sexual abuse. This concept became the defining element of the brand, effectively striking the right balance between empathy and expertise.

Challenges and Risks:

Recognising the high stakes and potential risks, we understood the sensitive nature of the subject matter. Mishandling could cause emotional distress among victims and survivors, undermining their trust and hindering the brand’s effectiveness in raising awareness, funding, and rallying support for this crucial cause.

The Transformative Role of Co-Design in Sensitivity:

At Storyfolk, our approach revolved around forming authentic partnerships with victims, survivors, and National Centre experts. Listening and valuing their stories form the core of our work, enabling a delicate balance between protection, understanding, and thoughtful communication.

Illustration of a victim and survivors story created in the shape of a thumbprint for the National Centres brand design

Navigating Challenges:

Our emphasis on forming authentic partnerships allows us to navigate challenges successfully. This approach holds the power to shape public perceptions and inspire positive change, creating real impact for the people the brands are designed to serve.

Conclusion: Advocating Empathy and Collaboration:

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the impactful co-design journey undertaken by Storyfolk and the National Centre. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of co-design in addressing sensitive issues and fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society. Our story resonates with the importance of meaningful collaboration and empathetic strategies in not-for-profit rebranding.

Read the full article here on Mumbrella’s website.

Read the full case study for the National Centre’s rebrand on our website, here.

Multiple brochure spreads for the National Centres 5 year strategy


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