Storyfolk to host an Empathy Design Workshop in collaboration with NGV / MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN WEEK

We believe that empathy plays a major role in both design and life. We were invited to participate in Melbourne Design Week hosted by The National Gallery of Victoria to discuss the power of empathy in design thinking. Storyfolk was invited to facilitate a  two-hour design thinking workshop focussing on teaching participants how empathy is used within the design thinking process. This workshop was designed to give participants new tools they can use in their daily life such as a deeper understanding of the power of brand values, and why it’s important to have brand values. The workshop was created for small business owners in mind but also had takeaways for anyone with an idea they’re wanting to explore or students wanting to understand the power of a personal brand when applying for jobs/internships.

What is empathy exactly, and why is it important for small businesses?  Empathy is an awareness of others’ feelings, needs, and concerns. At one point in time, you’ve probably heard the phrase “put yourself in their shoes”. The ability to do this is to show empathy. The ability to understand your customer’s needs is essential to making a product/service that people want to engage with.

How do we use empathy and design thinking principles here at Storyfolk?
At Storyfolk, we hold the belief that brand values are just as important as our individual values. Working with our clients to develop their brand values is an integral part of our brand process as it creates a core framework the brand can align to, stand for, and evolve with.

This project wouldn’t have been made possible without the generosity of The Gordon Institute who sponsored the development of this workshop. The Gordon is Victoria’s largest regional stand-alone TAFE and has been helping people gain real skills for real jobs for over 125 years, including our co-founders Sarah Gross & Cass Mackenzie. Sarah and Cass met studying Graphic Design at The Gordon. While they were not in the same graphic design class, they were introduced by Tibor Novak (illustration teacher at The Gordon) for their shared passion for creativity, experimentation and design. They are both passionate about supporting Graphic Design at The Gordon and their mission to support the next generation of talented creatives. Illustration for the workshop provided by Tibor Novak.



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