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Embracing Diversity: The Evolution of West Recruitment's Brand Identity

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West Recruitment approached us to deliver 'a standout' brand identity that reflected the personality of the Western Suburbs of Sydney; diverse, connected and passionate.

West Recruitment sought to revamp its brand identity to better represent the dynamic and diverse nature of the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Despite its impressive reputation as a specialist recruitment agency focused on relationships and service, the existing brand felt outdated and failed to encapsulate the company’s true essence after fifteen years of growth.

West Recruitment logo design on boardroom wall

“Connection has always been at the core of West Recruitment; we’ve just helped them communicate this.

From connecting people to the right roles, to strengthening connections within the industry, to connecting the dots strategically. Connection, diversity and adaptability are West Recruitments superpowers. We’ve harnessed this to create a striking brand identity that highlights this approach.”
– Cass Mackenzie,
Design Director, Storyfolk.

Brand architecture for West Recruitment

Partnering with West Recruitment, we embarked on a journey to develop a refreshed brand identity that would authentically reflect the company's values and ethos.

This involved a deep dive into understanding West Recruitment’s history, core values, and its integral role in connecting people within the industry. Our goal was to create a standout brand identity that would elevate West Recruitment’s presence in the recruitment sector and resonate with its target audience.

West Recruitment branded iconography suite. Custom icons reflective of brands logo created. All unique and cohesive.

Our approach to revitalising West Recruitment's brand identity was multi-faceted and strategic. Through extensive research and stakeholder consultations, we uncovered key themes such as diversity, connection, and passion, guiding our design process. Here's how we executed it:

  • Conducted comprehensive research and consultations to grasp community culture and values.

  • Crafted a bold brand identity reflecting the vibrancy of the Western Suburbs.

  • Incorporated diverse colours and fluid design to mirror multiculturalism.

  • Utilised animation and iconography for engaging visuals.

  • Aligned closely with West Recruitment’s leadership for strategic consistency.

  • Fostered transparency in design iteration.

  • Designed for scalability and adaptability.

  • Ensured a cohesive and impactful brand identity.

  • Delivered a resonant brand identity, paving the way for growth.

Since the launch of the brand, West has expanded their team and hosted sold-out industry events, including the 2021 "Be The Change. Lead the Change" event.

The result was a striking brand identity that not only honored West Recruitment’s heritage but also positioned the company for future growth and expansion into new markets. The interconnecting “W” symbolized the company’s commitment to connecting people and industries, while the bespoke suite of icons brought its core values to the forefront in a compelling and functional way. Since the brand’s launch, West Recruitment has experienced significant growth, expanded its team, and successfully introduced new sub-brands, solidifying its position as a leader in the recruitment industry.

West Recruitment animated gif email signature. W animates into symbolic representation of connection
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Benjamin Boulos
General Manager

“The Storyfolk team are professionals who know their stuff inside and out. They stay ahead of the market influences, evolving trends to keep us at top-notch standards as well impressively taking time share insights and give guidance along the way. 

I highly recommend using Storyfolk and if I could would give 10 stars!! If you are looking for a digital agency that cares and will nail the job then look no further than Storyfolk!”

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