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Visual Language Assets and Brand Guidelines for the NSW Government Public Works Advisory.

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Public Works Advisory had the challenge of redefining its brand to align with its evolved vision, while seamlessly coexisting with established NSW brand guidelines.

The New South Whales Government Public Works Advisory (PWA) overhaul required striking a delicate balanceβ€”complementing and abiding by the existing guidelines while also standing apart visually to distinguish PWA. The outdated branding not only hindered effective communication of PWA’s expertise and innovation but also struggled to harmonize with the broader NSW Government’s visual identity, creating a unique challenge for the rebranding effort.

Woman wearing construction clothing and hat with the NSW PWA logo featured on the hat
Branded and animated messaging and tagline gif

Our approach involved a three-phase strategy: strategy development, visual language creation, and brand guideline formulation.

Beginning with strategy development, we ensured that the visual language created resonated with the core value “Leave a legacy.” The introduction of a dynamic gradient device became the visual anchor, symbolizing innovation and progression. This device not only set PWA apart but also adhered to the broader NSW brand guidelines. The bold visual language, including bespoke icons, struck the delicate balance between upholding the trust associated with the government sector and infusing a progressive twist. The resulting flexible visual language was consolidated into an accessible asset library, seamlessly integrating with the existing NSW guidelines.

Government brand guidelines, multiple spreads in landscape hardcover book, highlighting the visual language systems and messaging for the refreshed brand.

The final phase culminated in the creation of an asset library and brand guidelines, providing PWA with a comprehensive set of tools for consistent brand positioning.

The PWA now boasts a robust visual identity that aligns with its vision and values. The results speak for themselves, with an impressive 87% customer satisfaction rating and a substantial 12.5% growth in work undertaken during 2020-21. PWA’s refreshed brand has enabled effective communication of their extensive work, contributing to the delivery of $10.5 billion worth of infrastructure and establishing them as a trusted partner in the delivery of critical regional projects. With a brand that reflects their legacy-driven ethos, PWA is positioned for continued success in the dynamic infrastructure landscape.

Man of colour wearing hard hat and white shirt with the NSW PWA logo featured on the hat and shirt design
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