Tuk Tuk and Karaoke

How did we connect Kimsan the Cambodian Tuk Tuk driver to the world?

Brand Identity / Art Direction / Digital

In late 2018, our Creative Director (Sarah) travelled to Cambodia. When travelling in Siem Reap, she met Kimsan the Tuk Tuk driver who left a lasting impression on her. They kept in contact sharing stories about their lives. Sarah wanted to use her experience as a designer and marketer to help Kimsan the Tuk Tuk driver find more work so he could provide for his family, so we did what we do best and made him a brand.

According to the Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association (IDEA), the largest tuk-tuk union in Cambodia, there are approximately 6,000 drivers in Siem Reap. So, how could we show the world that Kimsan, a local of Siem Reap his entire life, can not only provide a safe, comfortable and memorable Tuk Tuk experience but also showcase his unique flair? We fused Kimsan’s two passions for a memorable name and memorable brand: Tuk Tuk and Karaoke.

We wanted to give Kimsan the tools and ability to connect with international tourists visiting Angkor Wat and the Siem Reap area. Kimsan’s branding has seen him receive more inquiries than ever before which makes this project 1000% worth it.

Tuk Tuk and Karaoke, owner standing by Tuk Tuk with designed sign
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