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How Strategic Branding Catapulted Local Carbon (Now Sumday) to Pre-seed Funding Success

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Local Carbon engaged us to create a compelling visual and verbal brand that would resonate with top climate-focused venture capital firms and inspire them to invest in their idea.

Local Carbon’s co-founders had an innovative idea to build a non-financial accounting software platform and an emissions database that would enable any business in the world to measure their carbon impact accurately. However, they needed to secure funding to turn their idea into a reality.

Logo rationale for the strategic brand design

In response to Local Carbon's pressing need for strategic branding, we leveraged human-centered design methodologies to create a dynamic brand that was poised for growth and versatility.

Our close collaboration with the Local Carbon team enabled us to define their target audience, craft a compelling narrative, and seamlessly weave storytelling into their brand identity. Our goal was to demystify the intricacies of climate action and underscore the critical role of carbon accounting in the climate conversation.

Our approach was simple but effective – we built a robust, unified, and elevated visual and verbal brand from the inside out. Our branding strategy focused on identifying a unique market position that would establish a clear, tangible, and memorable differentiator. This positioning was strategically crafted to resonate with some of Australia’s most active climate-tech investment firms, drawing their attention to the potential of Local Carbon’s mission.

Key Strategies:

  • Strategic Branding for Startup: Our branding tactics were designed to cater to Local Carbon’s startup status and their grand mission.
  • Climate-focused Branding: Every aspect of our brand was infused with the essence of climate action, making it inherently appealing to environmentally conscious investors.


Our branding elements were carefully chosen to reflect Local Carbon’s vision:

  • Logo and Symbol: The brand’s logo exuded elegance, while the symbol became an iconic representation of their mission.
  • Colors with a Purpose: We drew inspiration from Tasmania’s natural beauty, using colors that paid homage to the environment without limiting the brand’s potential for growth. The primary color, purple, was inspired by the vibrancy of the Patersonia sericea, a native purple flag in Tasmania.

The strategic branding and storytelling of Local Carbon, now known as Sumday, struck a chord with investors, leading to a triumphant pre-seed funding round that raised an impressive $2 million.

This successful funding round received backing from renowned VC funds, including Blackbird and Possible Ventures, as well as notable individuals like Canva co-founder Cameron Adams and Wedgetail Ventures CEO Lisa Miller.

The infusion of strategic branding and storytelling enabled Local Carbon (now Sumday) to make substantial investments in infrastructure, team expansion, and global outreach. This journey of transformation underlines the power of strategic branding in securing funding for innovative ideas. By crafting a compelling narrative and visuals that resonate with potential investors, businesses can unlock the financial support they need to turn their visionary ideas into reality and propel their businesses to new heights.

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