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Space Tech Redefined: Branding to Push the Australian and Global Space Economy Forward

Brand guidelines / Animation / Logo design / Visual language design

Australian Design Awards 2024 Gold Winner Technology Identity & Branding

Sydney Design Awards 2023 Silver Winner Technology Identity & Branding

Melbourne Design Awards 2023 Silver Winner Technology Identity & Branding

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Open Galactic’s Head of Infrastructure and Analytics engaged Storyfolk to create a brand identity system that would give the platform an immediate insight into who Open Galactic is; bold, progressive and united towards using technology for global collaboration.

The space industry is growing rapidly, and with it, innovative solutions are needed to push the industry forward. Open Galactic, an open-source space technology platform, was developed to harness the power of collaboration and digital information sharing to advance the Australian and global space economy through a joint venture between Saber Astronautics and The Australian Space Agency. The platform lacked a strong brand identity that would convey a powerful, professional, committed, trustworthy, and dynamic brand that had the power to resonate with a broad demographic of people, including the technology and space community, government and funding partnerships and the private sector.


Storyfolk’s team worked closely with Saber Astronautics to create a high-flying brand identity for the platform, drawing inspiration from the wonders of the space industry.

The team used design thinking as a problem-solving tool to create a brand identity system that could strike a balance between innovation, professionalism and dynamism while instilling trust and credibility into the platform.

Open Galactic logo animation revealing a dynamic identity design

We created a dynamic logo that was forward-thinking and innovative.

The two rings in orbit animate in motion to reveal data and text, bringing momentum and movement to the brand DNA, which gives additional meaning and a true sense of open source.

A standout moment for the brand is a strong usage of colour which allows the brand to appeal to both the technology world and government sectors.

The colour decisions were a big focus area in the design development. The selected colour palette was inspired by “young stars” which burn hotter than the average star and give off a blue-like colour. The complimentary blues further grounded the brand as it was further inspired by Earth photographed from space.


The platform has become an online community for space enthusiasts worldwide, bringing researchers, engineers, programmers, and entrepreneurs together to connect, collaborate and advance the industry.

Since launching Open Galactic, they’ve successfully launched BlueWalker; a huge 693 square feet communication probe in low earth orbit designed to generate power from space and deliver cellular broadband directly to your phone. BlueWalker runs on a modified version of code created using Open Galactic’s collaborative platform.

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