How did we help a grassroots community group transition into a polished, high impact org?

Brand Identity / Art Direction / Strategy / Digital / Animation / Illustration / Branding

We were approached by the team at Shift to realign their brand goals and create their visual branding so they could reach more people to have more impact.

Shift is a not-for-profit community organisation working to build more active citizens by giving people the tools, confidence, and community they need to create real change on issues they care about.

We hosted a branding workshop with Shift to accelerate our Research and Development phase. In this workshop, we were able to align the brand goals and direction, quickly assess the areas we could add the most value, and develop a strategic plan to implement.

The visual language was shaped by the word “shift” with a suite of infographics, animations, and digital assets that were evolving, shifting, and expanding to lead the viewer through the content. Since the branding was launched Shift has gained incredible momentum both nationally and internationally. They have also seen an increase in funding, growth in participants, and more recently have expanded into Melbourne schools for a Shift program created to empower students.

What our clients have to say:

Ash Peblow Ball

“…The Storyfolk team were with us every step of the way – from deciding on a name, to developing an entire visual aesthetic to producing animations for our website. They took time and care, and I never felt like I was asking too many questions or too much of them…”

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