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Transforming complex information with service delivery model infographic design

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Front cover of the service delivery model showing a deep gradient blue and the internal spreads with an infographic design
Transitioning from military service to civilian life is a significant challenge for veterans, often accompanied by mental health issues like PTSD. The Australian Government Department of Veteran Affairs sought to support this transition and improve the mental well-being of ex-Defence personnel.
Our design agency partnered with Pragma to create a comprehensive service delivery model program with a special focus on infographic design. We aimed to transform complex information into engaging and visually informative layouts, empowering veterans with the tools they needed for a successful transition.
Multiple book spreads of the service delivery model and the internal spreads with infographic designs in the colour palette of blue
  • Simplifying Complexity: We tackled the challenge of simplifying a wealth of information into a concise and informative format, incorporating our service delivery model infographic designs.

  • Strategic Layout: We strategically organized the content, including the infographics, to provide clear guidance on transitioning to civilian employment. Our layout ensured that ex-Defence personnel could navigate the material effectively.

  • Visual Engagement: To make the information engaging, we created a suite of eye-catching infographics as part of our service delivery model. These visuals made complex concepts easy to understand and retained the attention of the audience.


Our design agency’s approach, including the service delivery model infographic designs, led to the development of a comprehensive resource that not only eased the transition for ex-Defence personnel but also supported their mental well-being. The engaging layouts and infographics empowered veterans with the tools they needed to thrive in their new civilian lives.

This case study highlights our ability to transform complex information into engaging layouts, strategically structure content for clarity, and create visually informative designs, including service delivery model infographics. Our work with Pragma and The Australian Government Department of Veteran Affairs stands as a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact through design.

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