Royal Flying Doctors - NGO

90 Years Soaring: Creating Identity and Fundraising Material for our Aeromedical Heroes

Campaign / Graphic Design / Infographic


The Royal Flying Doctors (RFDS), a distinguished aeromedical NGO, faced the challenge of commemorating their 90-year milestone.

The objective was to leverage this occasion for fundraising and heightening awareness about their critical services, covering an expansive 7.69 million square kilometers, aiding 1000 people daily.

Plane for the Royal Flying Doctors Service with a patient

Our approach involved crafting a compelling graphic design campaign centered around the RFDS's 90-year celebration.

We strategically developed branded collateral, including infographics, to convey the scope and impact of their services. The design aimed to emotionally connect with the audience, emphasizing the heroic nature of the aeromedical work carried out in remote areas. This strategic design aimed to attract attention and engagement without relying on a specific event.


The outcome surpassed expectations as the RFDS's 90-year milestone campaign successfully resonated with the audience.

The thoughtfully designed collateral not only attracted attention but also triggered a significant increase in donations. The infusion of creativity into the campaign not only celebrated the organization’s rich history but also heightened public awareness about their vital mission. The success of this project highlighted the power of design in transforming a significant milestone into a meaningful and impactful fundraising opportunity.

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