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Brosa's Creative Twist on Christmas: Retail Campaign Design in Melbourne

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Brosa Graphic Design Campaign Melbourne

In 2020, Brosa, a prominent Australian furniture brand, approached Storyfolk, our Melbourne-based design agency, to create a unique and heartwarming Christmas campaign.

In the midst of an extraordinary year, our challenge was to bring forth Brosa’s authentic, caring, and uncomplicated brand values. As we embarked on this retail campaign design in Melbourne, our mission extended beyond design; it was about fostering togetherness and sparking meaningful conversations. The task was clear: create a campaign that would resonate profoundly with the audience, injecting a dose of joy and hope into the landscape of 2021.

Brosa Graphic Design Campaign Melbourne

To meet Brosa's requirements, we set out to create a campaign that stood apart from the traditional Christmas themes.

We harnessed the power of charming typography designs and lively illustrations to infuse Brosa’s Retail Campaign with a distinctive, non-traditional Christmas spirit. Our campaign strategy was deeply rooted in storytelling and empathy, drawing from the lessons of 2020, where gratitude played a significant role. Collaborating closely with Brosa’s internal team, we embarked on crafting a content series named ‘gratitude,’ a testament to the resilience and perseverance of their staff.

Tis the season text shown on campaign visual with vibrant illustration
Brosa Graphic Design Campaign Melbourne
Brosa's Unique Christmas Campaign vibrant pattern visuals in more detail

Recognizing that homes had become sanctuaries in 2020, we designed content for the campaign that provided value to the audience.

Our tailored content hub, a vital component of the Retail Campaign Design, featured a diverse array of activities, tutorials, and informative articles. Additionally, it included a collaborative giveaway valued at $2000, uniting Brosa with partners like Vino Mofo, Nourished Life, Robert Gordon, and Mosey Me. The illustrative suite seamlessly complemented our art direction, striking a balance between playfulness and sophistication, simplicity and engagement. Embracing a digital-first strategy, we wrapped up the campaign with a captivating series of animated GIFs that sparked substantial social media interaction.

Brosa Graphic Design Campaign Melbourne
Furniture Brand's Brosa Successful Campaign in Melbourne displayed on laptop
Brosa Graphic Design Campaign Melbourne

The Brosa Christmas campaign achieved remarkable success. The giveaway alone attracted over 5500 entries, surpassing the client's expectations.

The campaign’s illustrations and art direction received positive feedback, delivering the intended message with charm. Not only did the campaign resonate with the audience, but it also aligned perfectly with Brosa’s brand values. Our client, Shelley Hughes, the Marketing Manager at Brosa, praised our seamless collaboration and deep understanding of their brand and customers. Storyfolk’s design and branding expertise transformed Brosa’s Christmas retail campaign into a heartwarming and memorable experience.

What our clients have to say:

Shelley Hughes
Marketing Manager

“Working with Storyfolk was seamless. From their inherent ability to not only understand our pitch but our customer, to their personal approach that not only resulted in a tremendous working relationship but a deeper understanding of our brand. Thank-you for your hard work, we cannot wait to work together again.”

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