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Redefining Medical Care: Designing a Healthcare Brand for Sydney

Alto health brand design shown across digital and print items on a table

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We were tasked with designing the brand identity for Alto Health, a healthcare brand in Sydney, with a strong emphasis on their values of being "People-focused in their approach".

The inspiration for establishing a person-centric and service-focused general practice in Sydney came directly from the founders’ personal experiences with healthcare.

‘We are a husband and wife, we are parents, and we are also doctors. Having experienced healthcare from both sides, we found that general practitioners were generally very good, but long waits and complicated systems were frustrating, especially when you are balancing work and family.’

We were fortunate to work with them on their complete rebrand, including healthcare brand design, website, social strategy, bespoke illustrations, custom iconography, and signage in Sydney.

The brandmark design fuses together the letters a-l-t-o subtly into a cloud formation.

Named after the cloud formation altocumulus. These clouds are dynamic, they are complex and interconnected, a lot like our health where there are many different layers.

This unique methodology extends to the visual language across all aspects of our healthcare brand design. From the brandmark to the architectural soft curving contour walls within the practice, to the gentle flowing forms in digital and print applications, we ensure a cohesive and innovative healthcare brand design experience for Sydney.

Alto healthcare logo design animation showing the rationale of the clouds forming the letters

Redefining medical care required a carefully considered healthcare brand design approach in Sydney.

Alto Health needed to refresh the expectation and perception of a traditional general practice so we worked backward from what we wanted the experience of being treated by Alto Health to feel like; welcoming, elegant, thoughtful, and exceptional one-on-one service. From there we created a unique series of paper cut illustrations to showcase Alto Health’s unique attention to detail and focus on the patient experience. This unique healthcare brand design approach flowed through into all brand collateral, from the innovative booking system to the implementation of telehealth tailored to suit patients’ schedules and requirements in Sydney.

We helped Alto Health pivot from its physical launch to a digital launch during COVID-19.

Grid of social media tiles for Alto Health featuring warm and relatable images

Alto Health had originally planned to launch the healthcare brand in Sydney on March 25th, which coincided with Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions being implemented. We helped Alto Health pivot from its physical launch to a digital-first launch. Within three weeks, we worked with them to redevelop their website to include a membership offering and Telehealth functionality, aligning with their healthcare brand design in Sydney. We launched the additional digital elements, including a comprehensive social media strategy, to complement the launch on April 15th, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has showcased the power of social media. We used this as an opportunity to help establish Alto Health as a healthcare brand in Sydney and connect with their patients, virtually. Alto prides themselves on thoughtful interactions and being approachable, and this became the core of their social media strategy. We wanted Alto Health to connect, relate, educate, and champion their healthcare brand values in Sydney to their network and the local community.

Animation showcasing the alto health log in portal for the healthcare website design

We created a highly sophisticated, custom-built online members portal.

The human body is a complex system, but accessing quality healthcare doesn’t have to be.. Our in-depth healthcare brand design strategy prioritised the user experience, allowing patients to easily navigate the digital and Telehealth experience. By logging into their own customer profile, patients could take control of their health by setting goals, health assessments, and tracking upcoming appointments. The back-end of the site was thoughtfully designed to allow Alto Health staff to easily update patient information as part of our healthcare brand design in Sydney. An advanced security system was implemented to ensure that privacy and data protection are prioritised.

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William Anderson

“Storyfolk was great throughout the entire design process… their communication was outstanding and I was very impressed with the overall quality of work.

I would highly recommend Storyfolk to others seeking brand development and complex website building.”

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