Cliniva Medical Clinic – Kenya

Redefining Healthcare for Women in Kenya, Strategy & Branding for Cliniva

Strategy / Positioning / Visual Language / Art Direction / Digital & Print Template Creation

Billboard design for Cliniva Womens Healthcare Clinic. New Branding and Strategy highlighting the empathy led approach

Cliniva, a women-centric healthcare provider in Kenya, faced a critical challenge despite its noble mission: a lack of a strong visual identity and market positioning.

This limitation hindered their growth potential and ability to make a substantial impact within the African healthcare landscape. Their goal was to provide accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare for women, but their brand lacked the necessary visual language and strategic positioning to achieve this.


Engaging our expertise as consultants in marketing and storytelling, Cliniva sought to elevate its brand and overall healthcare experience.

They aimed to reflect their commitment to women’s healthcare needs by revamping their visual language and refining their market positioning. Our task was to craft a comprehensive strategy that aligned with their forward-looking vision. We envisioned redefining the essence of healthcare by intertwining empathy, honesty, and curiosity into their brand. This involved creating a dynamic visual language system and a compelling brand identity that would resonate across various mediums.


Driven by an expansive vision, the visual identity for Cliniva, amplified brand elements and fashioned a dynamic background graphic inspired by the clinics architecture and cultural vibrant hues.

This initial work established the groundwork for a versatile visual language grid system featuring organic and nurturing shapes. Expanding our efforts, we propagated this language across diverse platforms, ensuring a lasting brand impact in print, digital, marketing, and physical clinic environments. Our primary goal was to create a flexible yet steadfast visual narrative that embodied accessibility, professionalism, and genuine care.

Following this groundwork, our initiatives involved crafting impactful large-scale billboards, informative brochures, engaging social media assets, and a customised art direction guide tailored specifically to resonate deeply with African women. Our consistent focus on empathy, efficiency, and exceptional service aimed to redefine the entire healthcare experience. Through this comprehensive approach, Cliniva’s transformation seamlessly integrated into every touchpoint, intricately aligning with their mission and vision.


The revitalised Cliniva brand successfully launched, portraying an image of approachability, professionalism, and care.

The visual identity and strategic repositioning catapulted Cliniva into a trusted, credible, and approachable healthcare brand in Kenya. Within their first six months post-transformation, Cliniva attended to 1200 patients at their Ngong town clinic alone, a testament to the impactful change. The branding initiative was instrumental in uniting the team around a shared vision and elevating Cliniva as a pioneer in women-centric healthcare in Kenya.

This transformation significantly improved customer loyalty, addressed prolonged waiting times, and emphasised exceptional customer service. Cliniva’s dedication to empathy-based relationships, efficient service, and trust-building showcased the potent impact of branding and a customer-centric approach in the healthcare sector. Their success story underscores the power of strategy, design, and storytelling in reshaping the healthcare landscape for the better.

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Their patience, understanding, compassion, and expertise were unlike anything I’ve experienced before. They left me not only with a remarkable product but also with an inner peace I’ve been searching for my entire life. Thank you, Storyfolk, for being an integral part of my transformative journey…”

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