Etiko - Rebrand

How did we rebrand Australia's most ethical fashion label in Melbourne?

Brand Identity / Strategy / Print Design / Brand Statement Refresh

Etiko is an Australian fashion and footwear brand who have been pioneering the ethical fashion space since 2005 with sustainable products and sustainable processes.

Etiko stands out by educating it’s customers within product descriptions, being transparent of the brands supply chain, explaining where the fabric comes from and how it affects the planet. Etiko was the first fashion brand to become fair-trade certified in the Southern Hemisphere. With the rise of sustainable fashion, Etiko did not want to be left behind and engaged us to give the brand a refresh.

Girl smiles wearing Etiko tee featuring the new logo design on the sleeve
New logo design for Etiko Melbourne ethical fashion brand on a branded tote bag

The brief was to invite customers to be part of the solution by using their buying power to shop more consciously.

Our goal: to appeal to a new generation of conscious customers while also including a nod to the brand's heritage for the loyal customers who have been on the journey for the last 15 years.

This included the brand identity, bespoke word mark, refresh of their tone-of-voice and update to their tagline/slogan.


The previous brand statement “Wear no evil” was bold and memorable but it also felt a bit polarising. We wanted to harness the impact of that messaging but reverse the tone to convey a similar message yet in a more inclusive and empowering way. We updated this to “Wear your values” to invite people to be better/do better by shopping more consciously and looking great while doing it.


Maintaining a visual link to the past was integral to the brandmark while modernising and creating more of a connection to the target market. The visual identity was designed to be representative of the connection between fashion and the environment by using strong art direction and photography that intertwined the two. The secondary language used earthy colours and tactile details of seascapes and landscapes to complement the natural textures of Etiko’s organic cotton and their physical products. The uniqueness of the identity has refreshed the entire brand aesthetic to continue pioneering the ethical fashion space.

New logo design for Etiko Melbourne ethical fashion brand comparing the old logo to the new evolution
Etiko sneakers with the new logo design hang in shop display

For us, this project was an incredible opportunity to use our skills to have a positive influence on the community, and ultimately the environment, by supporting a brand that is built on sustainable practices. We wanted to refresh the visual and verbal brand qualities to be more inclusive, empowering and educational. It was important to us to empower a new wave of Etiko customers to feel that they can make a difference, one purchase at a time.

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