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Packaging Perfection: Elevating Australia's Leading Cheese Wholesaler

Visual Identity / Packaging / Print Design

packaging design suite of 3 for Pure Dairy, bold colours and illustrative elements

Reinvigorating Pure Dairy's image in a competitive market

Pure Dairy, an established player in the international cheese market, approached us with the challenge of revitalizing their brand identity and packaging to stand out in the face of fierce competition and evolving consumer preferences. The objective was to transition from being perceived as the “New kid on the block” to “Reinventing the block.” The primary hurdle was to strike a balance between projecting a high-quality cheese brand and infusing a sense of fun and engagement into their packaging.

Bursting with flavour typography and illustration

Our strategy infused flavour and vitality into the packaging, establishing a visual language that resonated with chefs, restaurants, and cooking enthusiasts.


We drew inspiration from the concept of bursting with flavor, developing a suite of brand illustrations and patterns that showcased the delicious food made using the cheese sauces. Additionally, we worked closely with Pure Dairy to introduce the “Simply Vegan” sub-brand, addressing the growing demand for plant-based alternatives. This comprehensive approach encompassed packaging, positioning, brand values, qualitative research, and marketing material to support the launch of Simply Vegan.

Packaging front and back design, close up shot of sauce pouch creative highlighting custom iconography
Vegan Cheese Sauce typography and illustration
Promotional booklet design for Pure Dairy. Highlighting the simply vegan range. Multiple spreads shown with elegant layouts and engaging content.

Elevating Pure Dairy's cheese sauces range for growth

The result was a refeshed and cohesive brand aesthetic that aligned with Pure Dairy’s growth goals. By elevating their range of cheese sauces, we not only communicated innovation and evolution to existing clients but also captured the attention of new business prospects. The new packaging suite not only resonated with chefs, restaurants, and cooking enthusiasts but also contributed to Pure Dairy gaining industry recognition. As a testament to the success, Pure Dairy’s cheese sauces range experienced enhanced brand loyalty and market share, achieving the same level of industry prominence as their best-selling burger slice in Australia.

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