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The Power of Visual Storytelling: Elevating Hummingbird Meta's Courseware through Strategic Video Creation

Visual Identity / Strategy / Tag Line Creation / Animation / Script Writing / Videography

Visual identity for Hummingbird Meta's courseware videos

Amidst a crowded market, Hummingbird Meta, an online courseware platform for entrepreneurs, aimed to carve a distinctive niche.

Specifically targeting female-founded businesses, their challenge was twofold: standing out in a saturated landscape and fostering meaningful connections with minority entrepreneurs. Their goal extended beyond offering courses; they sought to curate a highly personalised and engaging learning journey.


To address these challenges, our team delved into comprehensive strategic planning, consulting on marketing, storytelling, and design.

We constructed a compelling brand narrative, anchored by the tagline “Courseware for the curious,” guiding every creative and strategic aspect. Shifting the focus from outcomes to curiosity, our approach tailored content to spark curiosity and prompt action. Crafting an engaging script was pivotal, centred around the transformative power of “perspective” to reshape thoughts, ideas, and businesses. Visually, the campaign emphasised “shifting perspectives” by blending dynamic shapes with videography, vividly bringing the concept to life.


Our approach involved a multifaceted strategy aimed at resonating with a diverse audience.

By understanding the nuanced needs of female-led businesses and integrating a theme of “shifting perspectives,” we tactically addressed the challenge of standing out in a crowded market. This approach not only differentiated Hummingbird Meta but also positioned it as a thought leader in promoting curiosity-driven learning.


Hummingbird Meta’s courseware empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners, whether embarking on new ventures or expanding existing ones.

The crafted brand narrative and visual identity resonated deeply with female-led businesses, setting Hummingbird Meta apart and enabling the delivery of tailored content for women.

The platform’s success expanded with the introduction of the First Peoples Initiative (FPI), providing complimentary access to foundational courses for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. This initiative spurred remarkable growth, strategic partnerships, and personalised learning experiences for over 5,000 First Nation individuals. Moreover, collaborating with the Prison Network through the in-prison and post-release initiative (PRI) showcased a commitment to education, second chances, and meaningful reintegration. Notably, Hummingbird Meta received the prestigious 2023 Global Recognition Award, validating its exceptional contributions to business education and innovation in supporting business growth.

What our clients have to say:

Najib Al Chamaa 
Necessitating Change

“Necessitating Change is more than a brand, a book, a website; it is my life, and I trusted Storyfolk with it.

Their patience, understanding, compassion, and expertise were unlike anything I’ve experienced before. They left me not only with a remarkable product but also with an inner peace I’ve been searching for my entire life. Thank you, Storyfolk, for being an integral part of my transformative journey…”

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