Noble Bootleggers

Brand and packaging for an Art Deco inspired Gin Distillery.

Brand and packaging for an Art Deco inspired Gin Distillery.

Brand Identity / Illustration /
Print Design / Packaging / Creative Direction


Noble Bootleggers, a family-owned gin distillery in South-Western Victoria, sought to enhance their market presence and redefine their brand image.

Noble Bootleggers unhappy with the limited traction they had garnered after a few years in operation, they approached us for a comprehensive rebranding solution. The goal was to create a visually compelling identity inspired by the Art Deco period, elevating the overall brand experience to attract a wider audience and generate the desired impact.


Inspired by the distillery's experimental ethos, we crafted a visual identity that mirrored the owners' scientific approach to gin making and captured the essence of the original art deco theme.

The sophisticated modular patterns, reminiscent of Art Deco, were infused with playful elements, reflecting the gin’s personality. A custom-designed typeface, unique in a saturated market, provided Noble Bootleggers with a distinct visual identity, especially in the competitive realm of gin branding.

Gin bottle with branding and label design for the Christmas Pudding flavour, with award winning badge
Gin bottle with branding and label design for the Cherry flavour, with award winning badge

The rebranding proved to be a resounding success winning awards within the distilling industry.

Noble Bootleggers not only clinched silver and bronze awards at the Australian Distilled Awards in 2019 but also secured contracts with distributors, specialty stocklists, and hotels. The rejection faced with their previous label became a distant memory as the new branding, celebrated for its uniqueness and personality, not only garnered recognition but also elevated the distillery’s standing within the competitive market.

Noble bootleggers packaging suite on bar table

What our clients have to say:

Kristin Lemura

“…Storyfolk helped us with a complete re-brand of our distillery from logos to labels. They really take the time to listen to who you are as a business and who you want to become. The finished artwork they created for us is exceptional. We are really happy with what has been created thus far…”

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