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Empowering Stories Through Thoughtful Design

Visual Development / Layout / Print Design

Migrant Book design for New Humans of Australia open spreads showing layout

Crafting a Design to Elevate Impactful Stories

New Humans of Australia, dedicated to combating discrimination against migrants and refugees through storytelling, approached us to design the third edition of their book. The challenge lay in creating a design that wouldn’t overshadow the impactful stories, yet would provide a cohesive and visually pleasing experience for the readers.

Migrant Book design for New Humans of Australia front and back cover design

Fostering Empathy Through Design Principles

Embracing human-centered design principles, we crafted a set of guidelines to revamp the book’s layout. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Australia, we introduced a refreshed color palette and carefully selected typography. Empathy became our guiding force as we designed layouts, allowing negative space and rhythmic typography to navigate readers through each narrative. Our bespoke hand-drawn illustrations aimed to capture the essence of the incredible people behind the stories, resonating emotionally with the adversity they faced in finding a home in Australia.

behind the scenes sketch of faces from the book design

A Unified Vision, Amplified Impact

Through the Brand Kitchen by Storyfolk initiative, we not only refreshed the book but also amplified its impact. The redesigned book, with its unified visual aesthetic, allowed New Humans of Australia to spotlight, celebrate, and expand the reach of these remarkable stories. The third edition stands as a testament to the power of design in elevating and honoring the resilience, diversity, and strength of those who choose Australia as their new home.

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