A sustainable furniture brand that is hand-crafted in every way; from product to branding to unboxing.

Brand Identity / Art Direction / Strategy / Photography / Illustration / Animation

Narava Sustainable Furniture Brand laptop on table

Crafting a Sustainable Narrative for Narava

Narava, an Australian sustainable furniture brand, faced the challenge of marrying desirability with ethical sourcing in response to a growing consumer demand for sustainable furniture. The founders sought a brand identity that not only paid homage to their heritage of sustainably sourced rattan but also invited customers into a community that shared their passion for craftsmanship and sustainability.

Narava Sustainable Furniture Brand photography bali shoot of multiple pieces minimal white aesthetic with logo

Weaving Sustainability into Narava's Brand DNA

Inspired by the malleable nature of rattan furniture, our response involved crafting a wordmark and motif that mirrored the intertwining of rattan strands, infusing the brand DNA with storytelling opportunities. To emphasise the “hand-crafted” methodology, bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations were created, becoming storytelling details that conveyed Narava’s heritage, community, and brand values. The strategic foundation included art direction, brand mission, promise, tone-of-voice, values, and an unboxing strategy.

Narava logo embossed on green card, with shadow looking elegant

Elevating Narava's Presence through Thoughtful Art Direction

Narava’s goal to enhance homes without compromising on quality, functionality, or sustainability was achieved through a comprehensive brand identity. The art direction guide provided a platform for capturing Narava’s essence with clear and thoughtful photography and videography, elevating the brand to new heights. From emotive retail imagery to lifestyle photography showcasing hidden details, the brand’s storytelling unfolded across various platforms, reinforcing Narava’s commitment to handcrafted, sustainable furniture. The suite of hand-drawn illustrations became a powerful storytelling tool, emphasising Narava’s sustainability journey, craftsmanship, and support for rattan artisans. The modern brand identity, designed for longevity, is fortified by visual guidelines ensuring consistency and scalability, forming a crucial part of Narava’s strategic foundation.

What our clients have to say:

Evie Acheson
Co-founder of Narava.

“All I can say is after having the beautiful ladies at Storyfolk build our brand toolkit I have such mad respect for this industry and the amazingly talented people who are a part of it. 

Sarah and Cass have been patient, thorough and on time with delivery of work. We have been awed by their skilfulness and ingenuity in the creation of colour palettes, logos and every other tastefully thought out touch point. We are proud of the way they’ve enabled us to represent our brand. “

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