Musk Hair Co

Musk Sticks and Good Hair Days: Eco-Friendly Salon Transformation

Brand Identity / Art Direction / Strategy / Digital / Print Design


Transforming Musk Hair Co into an Eco-Friendly Haven

Cheryelle King and the Musk Hair Co team sought to challenge the salon experience by integrating eco-friendly products and a touch of luxury, aiming to redefine not just clients’ hair but also their self-perception. Approached by this creative and environmentally conscious group, we faced the challenge of crafting a brand and launching it into the competitive Newcastle market. Inspired by Cheryelle’s love for musk sticks, the sweet treat known for its floral flavor and aroma akin to musk perfume, we embarked on designing a brand identity, complete with complementary musk sticks for every client.


Crafting a Brand Aligned with Values

During the Research & Discovery phase, we delved into the Psychology of Hair, uncovering the profound impact of a “Good Hair Day” on self-esteem. A commissioned study by Physique, executed by Yale University researchers, revealed that “Bad Hair Days” contribute to heightened self-doubt and personal criticism, affecting both women and men. Leveraging this insight, we meticulously crafted the branding for Musk Hair Co, aligning it with their mission to not only enhance hair but also boost clients’ confidence. The result was a brand identity deeply rooted in the musk sticks concept, complemented by a luxurious salon experience that resonated with environmentally conscious consumers.

Musk hair Salon Owner
Musk hair Salon interior receptionist smiling
Musk hair Salon interior

Musk Hair Co's Blossoming Success

Since Musk Hair Co opened its doors in 2019, the journey has been one of continuous growth and success. The salon has garnered a devoted customer base, drawn to its passionate team and the alignment of values, ethos, and services. The blend of eco-friendliness, luxury, and the unique touch of musk sticks has positioned Musk Hair Co as a standout player in the Newcastle market. Witnessing the brand evolve from inception to its current strength has been a rewarding testament to the power of a well-designed brand strategy that addresses both the tangible and psychological aspects of the customer experience.

Musk Hair brand shown on various print items
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