MDRN DEITY Jewellery eCommerce Branding

Blurring the lines of gender to create a Modern Jewellery brand.

Brand Identity / Illustration / Strategy / Packaging / Art Direction / Website


Redefining Gender in Accessories Market

MDRN DEITY, an underground Melbourne boutique, aimed to disrupt the accessories market by embracing a genderless approach to design. The challenge was to craft a brand identity that transcended traditional gender norms while aligning with the brand’s ethos of sustainability and craftsmanship.

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Art Direction & Branding: Storyfolk
Videographer:  These Wild Eyes Video
Photographer:  I got Shot By Charlie


The Power of Greater Yin in Branding

To address this challenge, we anchored the brand around the concept of “Greater Yin,” embodying the harmonious balance between masculine and feminine energies. The brand identity, meticulously designed in collaboration with the founders, featured a bespoke typographic treatment. The juxtaposition of modern san-serif elements symbolized masculinity’s strength, while stylized serifs reflected a femme, fashion-forward aesthetic, intentionally blurring the lines between the two.

MDRN DEITY genderless jewellery brand still life with high contrast shadows, ring on pyramid
MDRN DEITY genderless jewellery branded packaging design

Fusion of Strength and Elegance in Illustration

The outcome was a brand that not only defied traditional gender stereotypes but also celebrated the raw and unrehearsed facets of human nature. The illustration style adopted worshiped iconography, portraying animal-human hybrids to evoke primal feelings of desire, fear, needs, wants, and inner thoughts. MDRN DEITY successfully carved a niche in the market by not only offering gender-neutral accessories but by telling a compelling story through a brand identity that harmonized strength and elegance.

What our clients have to say:

Amy Hiscock

“…Storyfolk proved themselves to have an intuitive knowledge and understanding of branding that simply cannot be taught… Lines of communication were clear, open and concise and they provided us with an unparalleled level of insight into their thought process at all stages. We feel so lucky to have found a studio that has such a unique and personal approach to their work…”

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