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Cyber Clinic

Targeted communication marketing strategy for AI-powered mental health platform.

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Marketing Strategy for Mental Health platform Cyber Clinic, app homepage design shown

Cyber Clinic, an Australian mental health and well-being support service, plays a pivotal role in offering telehealth support to individuals facing mental health challenges.

This case study unveils our journey of enhancing their marketing strategy for this vital platform. Our collaboration with Cyber Clinic aimed to refine their customer experience and strengthen their strategic foundation. We embarked on a mission to reinvigorate their brand messaging, tone-of-voice, and expand their reach, all under the umbrella of a comprehensive approach, ultimately achieving remarkable results.

Reframing the Problem

Crafting a Targeted Marketing Strategy for a Mental Health Platform.

The challenge we faced was to help Cyber Clinic reach and engage with a diverse audience seeking mental health support. We identified a need to segment their audience effectively, understand their unique needs, and revamp their brand communication. Moreover, with mental health affecting 1 in 5 Australians, we recognised the urgency of creating distinct communication marketing strategies for various audience groups, evolving from B2B to a more inclusive B2H approach.

Marketing Strategy for Mental Health platform Cyber Clinic, packaging customer experience

Our collaboration with Cyber Clinic revolved around four essential phases, each building upon the previous one to drive our strategy forward.


To create effective communication, we began by segmenting the audience into key categories and thoroughly researched the telehealth and mental health landscape. This phase involved analyzing user research and assessing the platform’s user experience and pain points. By understanding the business goals and the audience’s unique needs, we laid a strong foundation for our marketing approach, setting the stage for increased outreach.


Recognizing the evolving landscape of mental health in Australia, we shifted our strategy to encompass B2H, or business-to-human, methodology. This decision was instrumental in simplifying and focusing resources on creating a quality mental health platform designed for individuals and employees alike. We also refined brand guidelines, developed a brand tone-of-voice, and introduced “Community Care” to support disaster-affected communities.


In this phase, we collaborated closely with the Cyber Clinic team to implement an engagement strategy that aligned with their B2H ethos. Our efforts included geographically targeted gift boxes for the rural and remote audience, as well as a campaign for the B2B audience during the 2020 Pause Festival. These initiatives ensured a localized and personalized approach for a national campaign.


The final stage of our project focused on creating resources for Cyber Clinic’s internal team to carry forward the evolved brand direction. This encompassed a comprehensive social media guide, partnership documents, a brand capability statement, and a profile-building strategy. The introduction of two animated videos streamlined onboarding and showcased the brand’s thoughtfulness.

Cyber Clinic shown in gif animation the elements of the marketing strategy for the mental health platform

Our collaboration with Cyber Clinic culminated in a remarkable transformation of their marketing strategy.

The comprehensive approach, from understanding the audience to promoting the brand, led to tangible results. Cyber Clinic now stands as a beacon of support in the mental health landscape, offering a diverse range of resources and efficient onboarding through animated videos.

In conclusion, this case study vividly illustrates the power of an effective marketing strategy in the mental health sector and how it can pave the way for positive change and broader support.

What our clients have to say:

Shelley Hughes
Marketing Manager

“Working with Storyfolk was seamless. From their inherent ability to not only understand our pitch but our customer, to their personal approach that not only resulted in a tremendous working relationship but a deeper understanding of our brand. Thank-you for your hard work, we cannot wait to work together again.”

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