Mach Green – Melbourne Property Developer Brand Refresh

Brand refresh, optimisation, and transformation of a Melbourne based property developer.

Brand Refresh / Brand Guidelines / Animation / Website Design / Iconography


Mach Green, a Melbourne-based property developer, faced the challenge of transitioning from a small boutique consultancy to a recognised and trustworthy property development firm.

They sought a brand refresh and website redesign to emphasise their extensive expertise and shift their image towards a polished entity in the property development industry.

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We embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revamp Mach Green's brand identity and digital presence.

This involved redeveloping their website, establishing brand consistency through visual elements, crafting a distinctive brand animation, and creating a compelling brand tagline – “Property Development — Reimagined”.


Collaborating closely with Mach Green, we realised they possessed a strong logo but lacked a cohesive brand representation.

Our solution for the property developers brand refresh was to build a visual language inspired by their logo, resulting in an architectural linework pattern and a suite of symbolic icons aligned with their values. Additionally, we implemented a strong grid system in the website design, ensuring scalability, seamless navigation, and providing a framework for future digital evolution.


The refreshed brand experience enabled Mach Green to confidently convey their value proposition to clients in a professional, sophisticated, and trustworthy manner.

The website redesign, a cornerstone of this transformation, exuded professionalism and sophistication, resonating with clients seeking a trustworthy “Melbourne property developer.” The dynamic brand pattern, seamlessly integrated across digital and print materials, amplified their marketing endeavors, significantly boosting brand awareness and equity. This forward-thinking approach not only solidified Mach Green’s position as a premier property development firm but also primed them for exponential growth and sustained success within the industry.

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Jacki Reid
Sparkways Manager
Marketing, Communications & Fundraising


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