Kuranga Native Nursery Rebrand

Bringing to life Australia's largest native nursery with a comprehensive rebrand.

Brand guidelines / Font Creation / Videography / Photography / Print Design / Digital design
/ Signage + Wayfinding / Illustration / Copy Writing

Award winning design

Silver Award in Illustration and Typography category Better Futures ’23 Awards Shortlist Award in Retail Branding Better Futures ’23 Awards  Read more in our blog post, here

Kuranga Native Nursery, Australia's largest native nursery, faced the significant task of repositioning and refreshing its brand while preserving a 40-year legacy.

The need for a comprehensive native nursery rebrand was prompted by new ownership and ambitious growth plans. Kuranga desired to evolve its brand to emphasise that they offer more than just plants, including an acclaimed on-site cafe, a charming gift shop, and rich heritage.

Kuranga Native Nursery branding applied to signage and hoarding featuring custom typography

We elevated Kuranga’s legacy to appeal to the next generation of plant lovers. 

We rebranded the native nursery’s visual identity, evolved the brand storytelling, messaging and tagline, created a custom font, developed a new website, and created a suite of storytelling-fuelled photography and videography assets.

Pivotal to Kuranga's rebrand was the creation of a bespoke display font to connect all elements of the business, from the native nursery to the gift shop and cafe.

The development of this unique font required meticulous attention to ensure it accurately reflected the brand’s personality and values while remaining highly functional.

The development of this unique font required much thought and creativity to ensure that it would accurately reflect the brand’s personality and values while being legible and effective for use in various contexts.

Through a robust process with an imperative focus on the small details, we created a brand font that would be versatile enough to use across all marketing materials and brand touchpoints, including wayfinding and over 50 custom signs around the premises.

We ensured that Kuranga Native Nursery's new brand font was versatile enough to use across all brand touchpoints, including menus, plant tags and wayfinding, with over 50 custom signs around the premises.

Through a robust process with an imperative focus on the small details, we created a typeface for Kuranga’s rebrand that was both functional as it was visually appealing. 

A custom brand illustration was created for special brand moments in the Gift Shop.

The illustration was inspired by popular natives that Kuranga grows in the Nursery. 

Photography shoot and videography to emphasise the Kuranga difference.

We value capturing true and authentic moments that tell a story through creative direction, photography and video. Our goal is to produce a suite of visual creative assets for the branding that capture an “in the moment” style of storytelling that can generate curiosity and engagement.

We developed an easy-to-use website, prioritising customer experience and strong SEO with short, inventive headlines along with engaging images.

Kuranga’s website had been neglected for too long. It was not performing, not engaging and not attracting the new leads and sales it deserved. We took on the challenge to bring the brand and its story to life with a clear message, beautiful imagery and an interactive user experience.


The rebranding effort successfully repositioned Kuranga Native Nursery as an immersive destination for plant enthusiasts, foodies, and culture enthusiasts.

The brand assets, including fonts, illustration, photography, videography, creative direction, and a revitalized website, effectively highlighted Kuranga’s vision, value, and products. These assets allowed Kuranga Native Nursery to create on-brand materials internally and effectively reach a new audience. The comprehensive native nursery rebrand transformed Kuranga into a unique and immersive experience, attracting younger urban dwellers seeking an escape from the city and establishing it as a destination.

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