ION BLUE - Renewable energy explainer video


Crafting an Engaging Renewable Energy Animation and Explainer Video for Ion Blue

Storyboard / Script Creation / Illustration / Animation


Ion Blue's founders approached us with a unique challenge: to develop a compelling renewable energy explainer video to introduce Ion Blue to the market, attract partnerships, and highlight the value Ion Blue offers to Electric Vehicle owners.

Ion Blue’s mission is to reduce carbon emissions by providing a simple subscription service for electric vehicle owners to offset their non-renewable sourced electricity usage completely. The challenge? Explaining renewable energy solutions to customers with varying levels of knowledge. We’ll show you how we simplified the process.

Ion Blue recognised the need to create a bespoke brand video to connect with their audience. Animated videos create a persuasive experience that static content cannot match. They offer a comprehensive view of the brand and a better understanding of the key message, breaking down barriers and bridging the knowledge gap in the Renewable Energy sector.

Illustrated EV vehicle driving to charging station in scene 1 of the renewable energy animation explainer video
Solar panel illustrations move into frame in scene 2 of the renewable energy animation explainer video
Illustrated person riding bike in scene 3 of the renewable energy animation explainer video

We worked closely with Ion Blue at each key phase, enabling a collaborative approach that blended their industry expertise with our ability to communicate effectively. This approach provided us with full control over the amount of information to include and how to animate it for maximum viewer engagement.

  1. Research and development phase
    Every brand video begins with a deep dive into the project’s goals and purpose. This phase involved exploring the renewable energy, EV, and luxury car space to ensure we create something that speaks to the right demographic. It sets the tone for the rest of the animated explainer video project, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.
  2. Crafting an Impactful Script and Concept
    Script and visuals are the heart of an impactful video. We focus on storytelling to resonate with the audience. For Ion Blue, we engaged a female voiceover artist with a calm and trustworthy voice, aligning with their mission. The visual style is then crafted to match the script seamlessly.
  3. Moodboard and Storyboard Presentation
    We collaborated with Ion Blue founders to finalise the renewable energy explainer video’s direction, script, and storyboards. Storytelling elements and visuals are used to highlight key themes and the animation’s flow. This step ensured that the style and message align with Ion Blue’s brand.
  4. Bringing the Visuals to Life
    We then explored the illustration style, creating a clear vision of how the rest of the illustrations and animation will look. This  included typography, character development, scenes, backgrounds, and icons. Final illustrations and typography assets were then developed for the renewables explainer video. 
  5. Animation and Motion Graphics
    Once the script and storyboard were approved, we moved on to the animation and motion graphics phase. We refined the illustrations, added movement, and music to create a polished, bespoke, and memorable introduction video that helped Ion Blue gain traction in the renewable energy market.
Illustrated person riding bike in scene 3 of the renewable energy animation explainer video
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