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Infographics with Purpose: Mental Health First Aid Australia's Not-for-Profit Initiative

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Mental Health First Aid Australia Illustration for the champion communities Identity

Mental Health First Aid Australia (MHFA) is a not-for-profit organisation delivering much-needed community mental health education programs.

MHFA, faced the challenge of disseminating crucial information on mental health programs across diverse regions globally. The need for a consistent visual identity across various platforms, including their website, and a style guide that could adapt to the evolving nature of their programs was imperative. Moreover, addressing sensitive topics like suicide and depression required a design solution that was both engaging and considerate.


We first conducted a workshop to develop an infographic style that connected with their values and conveyed their message effectively.

Our focus was on creating a visually cohesive language that could be applied universally, ensuring a seamless representation of MHFA’s mission. The design approach took into account the sensitivity of the topics involved, delivering an engaging and informative style that encapsulated MHFA’s message. This extended to the creation of a suite of informative guides, equipping individuals and organisations to foster mentally healthy environments.


The outcome of our collaboration with MHFA resulted in a visually striking and on-brand cohesive style.

This style not only unified their collateral but also extended to their website, providing a seamless user experience. The suite of informative guides we produced empowered individuals and organisations with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement mentally healthy environments. The success of this design solution contributed to raising awareness and supporting MHFA’s mission, leaving a lasting impact on a global scale.

What our clients have to say:

Spencer Lai
Content and Design Officer

“It is clear that Storyfolk pride themselves on their work and attention to detail. Each step of the way from our initial brief to the final product, Storyfolk worked closely with us to ensure that our Mental Health First Aid Infographics are an informative and accessible resource while incorporating clean and beautiful design…”

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