Necessitating Change - Infographic book design

Empowering Self-Actualization with Infographic Illustrated Book Design for Melbourne Author

Brand guidelines / Book Design / Website Design and Development / Illustration / Infographic Design / Animation

Cover design of the illustrated and infographic filled book

Transform a life story and profound insights into a powerful infographic and illustrated self help book.

When Najib, the author of Necessitating Change, approached Storyfolk, he presented a deeply personal project. His goal was to transform his life story and profound insights into a powerful guide for self-actualization. The challenge lay in crafting a brand, book design, and website that not only reflected Najib’s powerful message but also conveyed the complexity of his ideas effectively.


We didn't merely design a book; we created a comprehensive brand.

Our solution was to establish a holistic visual identity that encapsulated the essence of Necessitating Change. We undertook an extensive project that included typesetting, cover design, and a unique website acting as a sales tool. However, a pivotal element in our approach was the creation of over 100 bespoke hand-drawn illustrations and infographics.


Our approach began with a deep dive into Najib's narrative, recognizing that his content sometimes presented complexity that required visual relief.

We knew that illustrations had a crucial role to play, especially in the context of illustrated book design. Each illustration was meticulously hand-drawn to provide a harmonious blend of visual storytelling and narrative clarity, enhancing the overall infographic book design Melbourne.

The concept of the phoenix, which symbolized rebirth and self-improvement, was woven into the illustrations. This majestic bird, constructed from thousands of triangles, soared throughout the book, attracting more triangles as it flew, signifying the iterative process of self-growth and change. The use of sacred geometry and the progression of particles was integrated into our illustrations, offering a layer of depth and symbolism to Najib’s narrative, enhancing the illustrated book design.

The illustrations, carefully crafted with intricate detail, not only added visual appeal but acted as signposts in the book, providing readers with a respite in dense content while also explaining complex concepts, enriching the narrative and contributing to the effectiveness of the designed book.

With the occasional suprise and delight moment, Necessitating Change became an immersive experience.


The outcome of our work transcended your every day book design. Necessitating Change became an immersive experience, a journey filled with depth, community, and empowerment, driven by the power of illustration and infographic book design.

The book, spanning over 600 pages, now boasts a captivating visual language, thanks to the 100+ bespoke hand-drawn illustrations and infographics. These illustrations transformed complex ideas into easily understandable visuals, providing a crucial aid in the narrative, which is vital for book layout and design.

The website we created acts as a hub for self-development and introspection, resonating with the brand’s core message. This project transformed more than just a brand and book; it became an essential part of Najib’s life and a source of inner peace. Necessitating Change is now a transformative force, empowering individuals to embrace change with optimism and opportunity, paving the way to self-actualization through the combined efforts of illustrated and infographic book design.

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What our clients have to say:

Najib Al Chamaa 
Necessitating Change

“Necessitating Change is more than a brand, a book, a website; it is my life, and I trusted Storyfolk with it.

Their patience, understanding, compassion, and expertise were unlike anything I’ve experienced before. They left me not only with a remarkable product but also with an inner peace I’ve been searching for my entire life. Thank you, Storyfolk, for being an integral part of my transformative journey…”

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