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HomeTeam Medical: Empathetic Branding and Strategy for Canadian Aged Healthcare

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The challenge lay in crafting a brand that resonated deeply with the aged-care demographic while aligning with HomeTeam's compassionate ethos.

HomeTeam Medical Services, a Canadian-based eldercare provider, faced a critical branding issue. Their existing branding appeared outdated and clinical, failing to convey the necessary empathy and care required for their sensitive elderly care services.


We embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, developing a meticulously researched brand strategy.

Our focus was to infuse the brand with empathy at its core, reflecting HomeTeam’s commitment to personalized care for the elderly. This involved an in-depth exploration of the brand’s values, positioning, and visual elements, creating a cohesive brand identity that not only connected with the target audience but also catered to internal implementation seamlessly.

Brandmark rationale

Logo design for HomeTeam Medical: Empathetic Branding & Strategy for Canadian Aged Healthcare
Home Icon

The logo’s negative space forms a subtle home icon at its center, ensuring that “home” remains central to the brand’s identity in a more subdued manner.

Logo icon design for HomeTeam Medical: Empathetic Branding & Strategy for Canadian Aged Healthcare
Connected team

The intertwining shapes around the house signify HomeTeam’s holistic team approach and seamless integration, distinguishing its services.

Logo design rationale highlighting 5 circles for HomeTeam Medical: Empathetic Branding & Strategy for Canadian Aged HealthcareLogo design for HomeTeam Medical: Empathetic Branding & Strategy for Canadian Aged Healthcare
5 Circles = 5 Services

Five circles represent continuity in care and specialisations—Medical, Nursing, Physio, Evidence-based care, and Geriatrics—crafted subtly within the shape.


This brand transformation was more than a visual overhaul; it was an embodiment of empathy and sophistication.

Our strategy embraced HomeTeam’s foundation of empathy, resonating with the emotions and needs of the aging population, aiming to enhance not just health but the overall quality of life.

Our approach was multifaceted, encompassing a wide array of deliverables. We meticulously crafted a brand toolkit containing versatile assets, ensuring easy and consistent implementation across various communication channels. From defining brand values, designing logos, and establishing a visually distinct palette to creating an illustration suite, icon suite and an informative interactive PDF for patient onboarding, every aspect was carefully considered. We honed in on simplicity, incorporating pre-made elements and easy-to-use design systems that empowered staff with limited design experience.

Explore the website we created for HomeTeam:


The result was a brand that encapsulated HomeTeam's vision as the gold standard of care for the elderly.

By weaving empathy, sophistication, and evidence-based care into the brand’s fabric, we successfully positioned HomeTeam Medical Services as a leader in home-based elderly care. The brand toolkit empowered their team to consistently deliver personalised, compassionate care while maintaining a cohesive and impactful brand presence. This transformation not only resonated with their target market but also reaffirmed HomeTeam’s commitment to elevating the quality of life for older individuals within their communities.

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Najib Al Chamaa 
Necessitating Change

“Necessitating Change is more than a brand, a book, a website; it is my life, and I trusted Storyfolk with it.

Their patience, understanding, compassion, and expertise were unlike anything I’ve experienced before. They left me not only with a remarkable product but also with an inner peace I’ve been searching for my entire life. Thank you, Storyfolk, for being an integral part of my transformative journey…”

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