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Transforming Government Service Design Catalogues with Engaging Infographics for the Australian Research Council

Strategic Infographic Visualisation / Illustration / Print Design / Publication


Enhancing the Government service design catalogue and infographics for the Australian Research Council.

Pragma Management Consultancy firm engaged us to design the suite of Government service design catalogues. The Australian Research Council (ARC) faced a critical need to streamline and visualise their complex information dissemination regarding Grants Service Models, Prospectus Catalogues, and Research Management Systems (RMS). These documents contained dense, text-heavy content, making it challenging for their audience to comprehend the intricate details easily. Pragma and the Government ARC sought a solution to transform this information into visually engaging and easily digestible formats.

Front cover and spread layout highlighting an infographic for the Government Service design catalogue

Our strategy involved leveraging infographics, designing engaging layouts, and illustrating data visualisations across three distinct service design catalogues.

Partnering with Pragma and the Government ARC, we embarked on a transformative journey to create three comprehensive Service Catalogues tailored to address the ARC’s multifaceted needs. 

  • Grants Service Model Catalogue (54 pages): We meticulously designed visually appealing layouts and utilised intuitive infographics to simplify the complex Grants Service Model. Our goal was to establish a seamless connection between the ARC’s findings and their target audience, ensuring effortless comprehension.

  • Prospectus Catalogue (40 pages): Recognising the content’s density and text-heavy nature, our focus was to design engaging layouts that facilitated an uninterrupted flow of information. Our approach aimed to alleviate reader overwhelm by integrating detailed infographics strategically.

  • Research Management System (RMS) Report (18 pages): Addressing the complexity of the ARC’s RMS, we undertook an illustrative visualisation project. By creating a clear, user-friendly index system based on a colour-coded tab structure (Design, Select, Establish, Manage, Evaluate), we transformed the intricate RMS into an easily understandable format.


Simplifying complexity through infographics, design visualisation and considered page layouts throughout the Government service design catalogue.

Our approach revolved around strategic design and simplification of intricate information. We employed visually stimulating layouts, user-friendly infographics, and an innovative colour-coded index system throughout the Government service design catalogue’s. By breaking down each process into distinct sections, we ensured clarity and ease of comprehension for the ARC’s audience.


The collaboration resulted in the creation of three visually captivating and user-centric Service Catalogues.

The ARC now possesses comprehensive tools that effectively communicate complex information. The catalogues serve as a bridge between the ARC’s intricate research data and their diverse audience, empowering seamless understanding and fostering enhanced engagement.

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