Australian Government Maritime Safety Authority

Enhancing Government Communication: Internal Communications Blueprint Design, User Journey Mapping and Infographics

Strategic Infographic Visualisation / Illustration / Print Design / Publication Design

Front cover and spread for the Government infographics and internal communications blueprint design

AMSA sought a significant overhaul to foster staff collaboration, align with organisational objectives, and enhance employee experiences across diverse divisions and regions.

We partnered with Pragma, another consultancy, on a pivotal project involving the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). The challenge was to comprehensively understand and address inefficiencies within the agency’s internal communications and intranet structure.

Infographic gif showcasing data visualisation, user journey mapping and illustrations for the Governments internal communications blueprint design

We collaborated closely taking a lead role in designing an extensive 80-page Internal Communications Blueprint. 

This comprehensive document stemmed from the consultancy’s research, which included focus groups, structured interviews, quantitative survey analysis, and intranet analytics. Our key involvement lay in interpreting and synthesising the research findings into actionable design elements for the blueprint. Simultaneously, the creation of captivating and informative infographics became crucial in simplifying complex information and data into simplified easy to understand graphics. 


Crafting a comprehensive solution through thoughtful design strategies, we approached the challenges within AMSA’s internal communications and intranet structure with meticulous precision, employing the following strategic solutions.

  • Interpreting Extensive Research Findings
    We delved into the consultancy’s extensive research findings to visualise complex infographics.

  • Engaging and Informative Infographics
    Complex information was simplified through visually appealing and informative infographics.

  • Detailed User Journey Mapping
    Illustrated and detailed user journey maps facilitated a better understanding of employee interactions.

  • Thoughtful Layout Designs
    We crafted layouts that enabled easy navigation and content consumption.

  • Text-Heavy Pages Reworked for Clarity 
    We structured text-heavy pages to bring clarity to content-dense information.

  • Transformational Impact
    These strategic solutions aimed to transform the content-dense and intricate information into easily comprehensible insights for AMSA’s internal communication enhancement.


Utilising a strategic design-driven approach to transformation, our close collaboration led to the meticulous crafting of an extensive 80-page blueprint.

This comprehensive document not only offered actionable recommendations for overhauling AMSA’s internal communication channels and revitalizing its intranet structure but also served as the catalyst for creating a more streamlined, engaging, and efficient communication environment. In essence, this blueprint became the cornerstone for aligning the agency’s workforce toward common goals and nurturing a collaborative culture.

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