Bistrot St. Jean - Restaurant brand design in Geelong

Elevating Geelong's Dining Scene with Bistrot St. Jean - A French Bistrot Branding Success

Brand Identity / Digital / Print Design / Experiential
/ Packaging / Hand Painted Mural


Bistrot St. Jean, a recently established French Bistrot in Geelong, was determined to create an authentic and immersive dining experience that would transport patrons to the heart of Paris. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive brand identity that would capture the essence of French culture, heritage, and cuisine in a city where such experiences were limited.


Storyfolk recognised the need for a comprehensive brand strategy that would go beyond traditional restaurant branding. The solution was to create an entire sensory experience that would capture the spirit of a French bistro while ensuring it remained at the forefront. Our approach was to:

Bistrot St Jean logo decal on front window showing the restaurant brand design in Geelong
Bistrot St Jean logo decal on front window showing the restaurant brand design with another image to the right showing the interior of the restaurant in Geelong
  1. Immersive Research: We delved deep into French history, culture, and culinary traditions, keeping restaurant brand design Geelong in mind. Our team conducted extensive research to unearth the nuances that make French bistros so enchanting in a Geelong context.

  2. Authentic Brandmark: We crafted a unique brandmark inspired by hand-painted French signs, ensuring it was a visual representation of the bistrot’s Parisian essence, with a nod to restaurant brand design Geelong.

  3. Mural Magic: To transport patrons to another world and boost the experience, we commissioned a captivating mural by artist Shmikky Mills that embodied the charm of Parisian streets.

  4. Mini Petit St. Jean: We created a mini coffee stand, Mini Petit St. Jean, to cater to office workers, adding a dynamic element to the bistrot’s offerings in line with the experience.

  5. Attention to Detail: We meticulously designed the menus, ensuring they not only showcased the cuisine but also added to the overall immersive experience, further emphasising the concept.


The result of our collaboration with Bistrot St. Jean was nothing short of extraordinary. The bistrot has become a prominent and cherished landmark in Geelong, known for its authenticity and attention to detail, making it a significant contribution to the city. Patrons are not just dining; they are embarking on a journey to another world. Geelong now boasts a unique dining experience that has redefined the city’s culinary landscape, with a strong emphasis on this concept.

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