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Chubb, a prominent global insurer operating across 50 countries, approached Storyfolk with a unique challenge: to develop a creative insurance campaign brand design for their health-focused app LifeBalance.

The task was to reposition and refresh their existing sub-brand while aligning with Chubb’s established guidelines.

The goal was clear: create an aesthetic and a creative insurance campaign brand design for Chubb LifeBalance that would resonate with a diverse global market, infusing personalisation, sophistication, and a touch of fun into the management of health and well-being. The challenge was both exhilarating and demanding, considering Chubb’s expansive presence as the world’s largest publicly traded P&C insurance company.

Creative applied to brochure and infographic design for Chubb Insurance LifeBalance

Our approach to this innovative creative insurance campaign brand design was threefold: strategy, design, and rollout.

In the initial strategy phase, we delved deep into the global insurance market, with a special focus on South-East Asia. Our mission was to capture the essence of Chubb LifeBalance and present it in a way that encouraged individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle with a personalised, inclusive program.

At the forefront of our design strategy was the power of personalization. We leveraged the Myers-Briggs framework to target specific personality types, ensuring that our messaging, tone-of-voice, illustrations, campaign and brand design would resonate with the unique goals, aspirations, and motivations of our diverse audience.

Campaign copy for the insurers brand design

In the design phase, our aim was to unify Chubb LifeBalance with a cohesive and elevated branding for insurance campaigns.

We meticulously refreshed the entire brand, from foundational elements like colour, typography, iconography, and art direction to messaging and tone. This not only breathed new life into the brand but also provided a consistent and confident framework for the global team to work with.

We meticulously applied colours from the Chubb brand guidelines, creating a simplified yet friendly approach that extended to a bespoke brand illustration suite for the insurance campaign. These illustrations played a pivotal role in Chubb LifeBalance’s launch across Asia, emphasising togetherness, inclusivity, and trust, catering to the Southeast Asian consumer.

LCD in office showing creative insurance campaign brand design
Overview of multiple pages of the brand guidelines

The final phase of the campaign and brand design encompassed the creation of an extensive asset library, tailored to meet the individual needs of various country teams working from their respective locations.

This comprehensive library encompassed resources for brochures, digital advertising, iconography, email banners, social advertising, splash pages, website banners, app icons, screensavers, and brand stationery.

The result was a clear and remarkable success. Through our bespoke marketing materials, spanning from digital advertising to a series of brand posters, Chubb LifeBalance reached a previously untapped demographic of customers. Our mission to refresh and reposition Chubb’s health-focused app while staying true to the core of the brands identity was accomplished, shaping a clear, consistent, and revitalised sub-brand and creative campaign for this global insurer.

In essence, our creative insurance campaign brand design for Chubb LifeBalance was a transformative journey, turning a complex challenge into a resounding success story that reverberates with audiences worldwide. It’s a testament to the potency of storytelling and strategic design in enhancing brands and forging a lasting impact in the insurance industry.

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