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Fur-ward Fashion: Pet Accessories with Playful Textile Prints

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Byron & Co are a passionate, Geelong-based small business supplying dog lovers and their pets high-quality, fashionable, handmade pet accessories.

We were engaged in creating a playful series of textile design prints to help take their business to the next level. The brand we’re looking to showcase that they were no longer newcomers in the pet space, but they could bring their own unique flair with a series of bespoke illustrations and designs across bandanas, leashes and collars, including their 2020/21 Christmas range.Β 

Our goal was to create fun and conversational prints to drive loyalty and shape the next chapter of the brand.

To create the textile design range, we went through a concept and ideation phase where we worked closely with the founder of Byron & Co to create the range with a focus on adding small details that could make the Byron & Co prints stand out within the market. Whether that was a traditional army camo print with hidden bones, an avocado print with a dog face in the pit or a β€˜leopawd’ (leopard print with mini paw prints).Β 

By investing in bespoke patterns unique to Byron & co, they managed to grow their customer base, increase their sales and expand their product range.

Our prints became best sellers in their product line, with them needing to order more fabric than they had ever anticipated. Not only did their B2C market grow, Daycare centres for dogs around Melbourne even engaged them to supply over 100 bandanas to their doggy daycare, allowing them to expand their B2B market.

What our clients have to say:

Spencer Lai
Content and Design Officer

“It is clear that Storyfolk pride themselves on their work and attention to detail. Each step of the way from our initial brief to the final product, Storyfolk worked closely with us to ensure that our Mental Health First Aid Infographics are an informative and accessible resource while incorporating clean and beautiful design…”

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