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Elevating Project Management: The BOAB Branding Journey

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When BOAB Management, a dynamic project management firm in Australia, approached Storyfolk, they sought a complete brand overhaul.

Our challenge was clear: redefine BOAB’s brand identity and value system, establishing them as industry leaders in the project management space. The goal was to balance end-to-end project management with a strong focus on human-centred outcomes.


Our solution began with extensive market analysis and research.

This foundation enabled us to craft a confident brand language that positioned BOAB as a measured, controlled, and capable industry leader. We developed a new tagline, “It starts with BOAB,” underlining the significance of starting projects with the best to achieve top-notch results.

The Boab logo reflects the four core values of the business:

  1. Approachable
  2. Reliable
  3. Innovative
  4. Solutions-focussed

The heart of our approach was a meticulously designed brand identity system.

The BOAB logo, a clever fusion of form and function, spells out “Boab” vertically. Its unique shape draws inspiration from the distinctive Boab tree, while the four pillars within represent BOAB’s core values. These values – Approachable, Reliable, Innovative, and Solutions-focused – became the driving force behind the brand’s visual identity.


BOAB's reimagined brand identity, reinforced by a clear tagline and robust value system, has allowed them to revolutionize the project management landscape in Australia.

Bridging the gap between staff and planning, they’ve removed the guesswork from project management. Now, BOAB Management seamlessly blends on-site project management with technology-enhanced systems, setting new standards for the industry. Their refreshed brand has unlocked their unique selling proposition and propelled them to the forefront of project management in Australia.

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