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A standout brand identity for a leading Sydney recruitment agency.

West Recruitment approached us to deliver 'a standout' brand identity that reflected the personality of the Western Suburbs of Sydney; diverse, connected and passionate.

For fifteen years, West Recruitment had built an impressive reputation as a specialist recruitment agency that put relationships and service first. West Recruitment was born out of a passion for being the go-to recruitment partner in Western Sydney who would provide the service and the results. This ethos has driven the growth over the years; however, West Recruitment had outgrowth their old brand, which felt dated and unable to reflect the company’s true essence.

We worked with the West Recruitment team to bring to life the brands vision by developing a refreshed and dynamic brand identity, tone-of-voice, animation and iconography suite. This project started with a team meeting involving The West Recruitment leadership team, including co-founders Sean Johnston and David Smith, to better understand the journey of West Recruitment over the last 15 years, the fundamental essence of “The West”, and how we could intertwine that diversity, character and passion into the brand DNA to create something memorable.

“Connection has always been at the core of West Recruitment; we’ve just helped them communicate this.

From connecting people to the right roles, to strengthening connections within the industry, to connecting the dots strategically. Connection, diversity and adaptability are West Recruitments superpowers. We’ve harnessed this to create a striking brand identity that highlights this approach.”
– Cass Mackenzie,
Design Director, Storyfolk.

This bold brand identity was deliberately crafted to set a new bar within the recruitment sector. The design builds on the company’s reputation, unique approach and highlights the four sub-brands of West: finance, technology, corporate and engineering.

The West team is evolving with the market needs with a shift, so we knew the brand identity needed to evolve with it. The brand identity has been designed to allow the brand to grow into new markets with purposeful colours that allow for new ventures within the business that complement their four areas of focus.

People are at the heart of West Recruitment. The interconnecting “W” symbolises their connection to people, connecting candidates to the correct positions and connection within the industry as a trusted, reliable firm. There is no West without “We” which has become a vital part of the brand messaging, allowing for precise, inclusive messaging.

A great work culture is built on purpose and values, where employees are aligned on what they have to do and why they have to do it.

When you intertwine your core values into all your work processes, such as how you hire, reward and promote your employees, you will create a work environment where your team can thrive. As a leader in recruitment and a people-focused business, West used this methodology to bring its purpose and values to the forefront with a bespoke suite of icons that can highlight the brand’s values in a compelling, tailored and functional way. The iconography suite offers flexibility to provide a unified aesthetic across the brand internal and external communication while also servings a practical purpose of aiding their written communication, especially on compact screen real estate. The colour and style link to the “W” within the logo paying homage to Western Sydney’s flair, inclusivity and multiculturalism.

Since the launch of the brand, West have expanded their team and hosted sold-out industry events, including the 2021 “Be The Change. Lead the Change” event.

West has taken their “Be your best” approach to scale the business into two new sub-brands with the introduction of “Human Resources” and “Business Support” into their own standalone specialisms.

What our clients have to say:

Benjamin Boulos
General Manager

“The Storyfolk team are professionals who know their stuff inside and out. They stay ahead of the market influences, evolving trends to keep us at top-notch standards as well impressively taking time share insights and give guidance along the way. 

I highly recommend using Storyfolk and if I could would give 10 stars!! If you are looking for a digital agency that cares and will nail the job then look no further than Storyfolk!”

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