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A Visual Language System and Brand Guidelines for the NSW Government Public Works Advisory.

Public Works Advisory (PWA) is the delivery powerhouse behind some of NSW’s most crucial infrastructure projects. The PWA recognised the need to differentiate itself while remaining connected to its departmental origins on its quest to deliver expertise, innovation and grassroots ingenuity across New South Wales.

The NSW PWA were looking to re-energize the brand foundations to ensure the brand could move forward with confidence, clarity and a united vision. The PWA’s brand vision had evolved, yet the branding had remained the same, causing the disconnect between the brand and its long-term goals. The previous branding failed to capture the spirit and essence of the PWA, and as a result, missed opportunities to capture the attention of the market. The project involved three key phases: strategy, visual language development and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Our brief was to develop a visual language system that better represented the value proposition of the PWA to ensure they had a stronger visual identity within the market.

"Leave a legacy" became one of the brands core values and taglines. This sentiment inspired the visual language to emphasise the brand's innovation with the gradient transition representing the brand progressive and forward-thinking approach. This graphic device became a dynamic element of the brand language to highlight key statements, infographics and as a pattern.

A core element of the refreshed visual language is the gradient device which has been developed to act as a visual representation of innovation and ingenuity.

The gradient represents the progression from the beginning of projects, strategic and innovative thinking during the project, to the tangible legacy PWA leaves on regional communities long after a project has been completed.

We developed a bold visual language that maintains the trust of a government sector with an innovative and progressive twist. The gradient treatment has been applied to the bespoke icons, depicting the brand’s internal values.​

The simple, flexible visual language allowed for recognisable cut-through within the sector and connects their visuals to their vision.

These brand elements were added to a functional and easy-to-use asset library, allowing internal staff and external collaborators to use the re-energised visuals with confidence.

The project's final phase was the asset library and brand guidelines, giving the PWA a comprehensive set of systems to best position the brand across many internal and external facing touchpoints.

Strong foundations are important. With confidence and clarity, PWA can show they’re reliable experts across all platforms. This project was undertaken in partnership with Solvd who lead the strategy.

The team embraced the refreshed strategic and visual identity and can be seen seamlessly applied to PWA documents. The PWA has seen impressive results with a customer satisfaction rating of 87% and 12.5% growth in work undertaken in 2020-21.

The PWA now have a brand that compliments their vision and values. They can now successfully communicate the breadth and depth of their work to continue leaving a legacy. The PWA is helping deliver $3.8 billion of critical regional infrastructure. Over the last twelve months, the PWA have been a trusted partner to 300 clients, contributed to the delivery of $10.5b worth of infrastructure and have had 150+ new staff join the team.

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