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Book design: the power of human-centred design.

New Humans of Australia seeks to reduce discrimination towards migrants, especially refugees, through the power of storytelling.

New Humans of Australia celebrates individuality, cultural diversity and strength. It highlights the stories of those who migrate to Australia, what they have left behind and how they’ve enriched their communities.

We were approached by Nicola Gray, founder of NHOA and a writer, to design the third edition of New Humans of Australia, sharing the true stories of migrants, the difficulties they overcome, and their contributions.



The book's objective was to ensure a cohesive design and unified visual aesthetic that complimented, yet didn't detract from, the power of the stories themselves.

Using human-centred design tools, we redefined a new set of guidelines for the book layout bringing through a refreshed colour palette inspired by the natural beauty of Australia, carefully selected typography and design sensitivity to the content.

A focus on creating empathetic layouts allowed the negative space and rhythm of the typography to guide the reader through each story with care and consideration, from the tragic to triumphant stories.

The design and bespoke hand-drawn illustrations capture the incredible people behind the stories while capturing an evocative emotional sentiment of the adversity faced to find a home in Australia.

This project was undertaken as a Brand Kitchen by Storyfolk project. Brand Kitchen by Storyfolk is an initiative designed to bring clarity, consistency and creativity to not-for-profits and purpose-driven brands. Each year, Storyfolk take on two Brand Kitchen projects, with NHOA Book Three being one of the selected projects for 2021. This allowed NHOA to completely refresh the book to highlight, celebrate and further the reach of their incredible stories.




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