Narava – A sustainable furniture brand design

Brand Identity / Art Direction / Strategy
/ Photography / Illustration / Animation

A furniture brand that is hand-crafted in every way; from product to branding to unboxing.

Bridging the gap between desirability, sustainability and a growing consumer demand for ethically sourced furniture.

We were engaged by the founders of Narava, an Australian sustainable furniture brand, to develop a thoughtful and timeless brand identity that paid homage to the heritage of their sustainably sourced rattan, highlighted their passion for the craft while also inviting customers to be part of a community of likeminded people.

The wordmark and motif have been inspired by the malleable and curved nature of the rattan furniture. The intertwining of rattan can we been in the bespoke motif. These subtle details have been infused throughout the brand DNA to offer storytelling opportunities for the brand.

Like the furniture pieces and rattan process, we wanted to infuse the “hand-crafted” methodology into the brand DNA with a series of bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations. These illustrations acted as storytelling details to help share the heritage, community, and brand values. 

Narava’s goal is to help people fall in love with their homes and add flair to their furniture without compromising on quality, functionality, or sustainability. We worked closely with Narava to not only create their brand identity. SWe worked with their brand to create their strategic foundation, including art direction, brand mission, promise, tone-of-voice, values and unboxing strategy.

Our art direction guide gave Narava the platform to confidently capture their brand with clear and thoughtful photography and videography which has taken the brand to the next level.

Strong, emotive photography is imperative for a retail and lifestyle brand like Narava to connect with their audience. From contemporary brand imagery to everyday social channels to lifestyle photography that showcased the brand’s depth, we established clear content pillars that allowed the product to shine and bring through sophisticated storytelling to capture the hidden details and intricacies of the furniture.

Narava’s furniture pieces are unique, crafted by hand, so it was fitting that we created a bespoke suite of hand-drawn illustrations to complement their “hand-crafted with care” methodology.



Storytelling plays a vital role in the marketing and brand identity of the Narava brand. The suite of illustrations has been designed to emphasise the stories of the Narava brand from their sustainability sourced material, hand-finished items, strong focus on relationships with the craftspeople and supporting the artistry of rattan items. These stories are used in their marketing and brand experience across print, digital, illustration and animation.


The stylish and modern brand identity has been designed to withstand the changes and evolutions in our lives, and furniture choices.


Creating a set of visual guidelines guarantees the brand's consistency and integrity, allowing the Narava brand to scale with ease; this has been a key component of the brand strategic foundation.

What our clients have to say:

Evie Acheson
Co-founder of Narava.

“All I can say is after having the beautiful ladies at Storyfolk build our brand toolkit I have such mad respect for this industry and the amazingly talented people who are a part of it. 

Sarah and Cass have been patient, thorough and on time with delivery of work. We have been awed by their skilfulness and ingenuity in the creation of colour palettes, logos and every other tastefully thought out touch point. We are proud of the way they’ve enabled us to represent our brand. “

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