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The role of animated videos in brand communication for the Renewable Energy Sector

Ion Blue's founders approached us to develop a compelling and clear animated video to introduce Ion Blue to the market, attract partnerships and highlight the value Ion Blue offers to Electric Vehicle owners.

Ion Blue’s mission is to reduce carbon emissions by providing a simple subscription service for electric vehicle owners to offset their non-renewable sourced electricity usage completely. Renewable energy solutions can, at times, be challenging to explain to new customers with varying knowledge of the technology and the process. Our goal was to simplify the process with an engaging and thoughtful breakdown of their approach that reflected the brand DNA, experienced yet welcoming. 

Ion Blue saw the need to create a bespoke brand video to help connect with their audience. Animated videos create a persuasive experience that static content cannot. They give customers a comprehensive view of the brand and better understand the key message. Animated videos can showcase complex technical products simplified, breaking down barriers to entry and lessening the knowledge gap between businesses and clients in the Renewable Energy sector.


We worked closely with Ion Blue across each key phase of the process. This allowed for a collaborative process bringing their technical knowledge of the industry and our ability to communicate with impact. This process gave us full control of how much information to include and how this would be animated to tell a story to maximise engagement.​



  1. Research and development
    Every brand video starts with a conversation about the project’s goal and purpose to ensure we can create something that is impactful from a creative perspective and connects to your brand goals. In this phase, we went on a deep dive in the renewable energy, EV and luxury car space to ensure we could provide something that talked to the right demographic. This phase ensures we are all on the same page early on in the project allowing the rest of the project to run smoothly by determining the visual and verbal tone.
  2. Script and concept
    Storytelling is essential for any brand or marketing video to resonate with the audience. This is why the script and visuals associated with the script are an essential element to creating an impactful video. Before sketching a solar farm, we want to ensure the script is projecting the right message to the audience. The perfect voiceover reinforces the video’s message and can completely change the feel of the video. For Ion Blue, we engaged a female voiceover artist who has had a calm, trustworthy voice who could invite customers to be part of a unique community of EV drivers working towards a more sustainable future. The visual style is then crafted to match the script to ensure it works holistically.
  3. Moodboard and storyboard
    We then checked in with the Ion Blue founders about the brand direction, script and presented a series of storyboards. At this stage of the process, we use photographic and other storytelling elements to highlight key themes, the style and showcase the flow of the animation.
  4. Style and Illustrations
    Once this was approved, we then went off to explore the illustration style creating 1-2 illustrations that gave Ion Blue a clear idea of how the rest of the illustrations and animation would look like. Depending on the video, this could include typography, development of characters, scenes or backgrounds or icons. After this meeting, we were able to finalise the other illustrations and the development of the typography assets.
  5. Animation
    Once the script and storyboard were approved, we moved on to bring it all together. The animation and motion graphics phase involve further refining the illustrations, adding in additional detail, bringing through movement across the animation and adding music to create a polished, bespoke and memorable video that helped Ion Blue gain traction within the market.
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