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Adding flavour and vitality to Pure Dairy’s packaging.

Pure Dairy came to us with the mission of creating packaging that is fun and engaging while also showcasing that Pure Dairy is a high-quality cheese brand. They have been producing and exporting quality cheese and dairy products internationally for nine years. Their General Manager wanted to take the brand from “New kid on the block to reinventing the block” with a completely refreshed and exuberant packaging suite.

This concept of bursting with flavour became the inspiration for a suite of brand illustrations and patterns.

Each pattern was created to reflect some of the delicious food made using the cheese sauces. The project included hidden brand details such as custom iconography to be used on packaging and marketing material. 

The global meat and dairy sector are currently going through an unprecedented level of competition and disruption, driven by the growth of plant-based alternatives. We worked closely with Pure Dairy on developing the “Simply Vegan” sub-brand, including packaging, positioning, brand values, qualitative research, and marketing material to support the launch of the brand.

Pure Dairy has the #1 selling burger slice in Australia.

Pure Dairy wanted to elevate the cheese sauces range to gain the same industry recognition and brand loyalty by giving them a unique visual language that inspires chefs, restaurants and cooking enthusiasts to get creative in the kitchen.

We elevated the Pure Dairy range of cheese sauces resulting in a refreshed brand aesthetic that elevated the range to be inline with the business goals for growth, showcased to existing clients that Pure Dairy were innovating and evolving with the growing needs of the market while also capturing the attention of new business.

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