Chubb LifeBalance – Design and repositioning global health app

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Print Design / Publication / Digital design / Iconography /
Infographics / Social media

Creating a clear, consistent and refreshing sub-brand for global insurer.

How did we help Chubb LifeBalance refresh and reposition their health focussed app across Asia? By fusing fun and personalisation into the digital health and well-being platform.

Chubb LifeBalance helps customers embrace their quirks, and manage their physical, emotional, and environmental well-being.

Chubb engaged us to create a refreshing brand aesthetic for their new health-focused sub-brand, Chubb LifeBalance. Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded P&C insurance company. With operations in 54 countries and territories, Chubb provides insurance to a diverse group of clients. 

The challenge was to help give Chubb LifeBalance a refreshed and engaging brand presence that could appeal to a global market while still paying homage to the robust guidelines of Chubb. Our goal was to design a new identity system for Chubb LifeBalance that brought personalization, sophistication and fun into managing your health and well-being. Working directly with the head of digital and brand communication managers, we achieved this through a three-phased approach: strategy, design and roll-out. The strategy phase involved deepening our understanding of the global insurance market with a focus on South-East Asia.

"A celebration of you, quirks and all" became a hero copy line to encourage all Chubb LifeBalance members to embrace a healthier lifestyle with an inclusive, personalised program.

The power of personalisation.

We used the Myers-Briggs framework to target specific personality types to appeal to the audiences goals, aspirations and motivational drivers. The six key personalities were then used as the foundation for the messaging, tone-of-voice, illustrations, brand design and asset library.

Within the design phase, we aimed to unify Chubb LifeBalance to give a holistic and refresh brand presence with thoughtful, cohesive and elevated brand design.

This phase included refreshing the entire brand from the foundations including colour, typography, iconography, art direction, illustrations, messaging, tone, and brand guidelines that allowed the global team to utilize the updated creative with confidence.

Using colours from the Chubb brand guidelines, we explored a simplified yet friendly way of applying this to the bespoke brand illustration suite. The illustrations were then used to launch Chubb LifeBalance across Asia. The illustrations and colour choices were designed to emphasize togetherness, inclusivity and trust to appeal to the Southeast Asian consumer.

The final phase was the asset library. This project included an extensive asset library to suit the global market.

Each country operated under their own jurisdiction, so the asset library needed to be flexible to work with the cultural and individual needs of country teams. The roll-out included brochures, digital advertising, iconography, email banners, social advertising, splash pages, website banners, app icon, screensavers, brand stationery.

Through bespoke marketing material, from digital advertising to a series of brand posters, we reached a new demographic of customer for Chubb LifeBalance.

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