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Future-ready project management identity and strategic framework.

How do you create a project management brand that is looking to balance end-to-end project management with human-centred outcomes?

BOAB Management is a progressive project management firm with an impressive track record of managing projects from $100K to >$100M across Australia. BOAB Management offers comprehensive project management with on-site, cloud-based control systems and consultancy.

BOAB understands the industry’s intricacies, the importance of quality systems, and how to leverage these systems to create more profitable projects. Our brief was to rebrand BOAB from the ground up, including brand strategy, tagline, a new visual identity system and brand guidelines to execute the brand with purpose and precision.


Through our market analysis and research; we were able to craft a clear and confident brand language helping to position Boab as an industry leader that is measured, controlled, and capable, including developing their tagline "It starts with BOAB".

This reassuring and concise message highlights the power of starting a project with industry leaders if you want industry-leading outcomes. 

A great project starts with a great foundation. This methodology has been carried through in all facets of the brand from the tagline "It starts with Boab" to the custom letterforms in the Boab logo.

The Boab logo is a clever synergy of form and function working in unison, with subtle details highlighting Boab’s attention to detail:

  • The Boab logo spells out the word  “Boab” vertically
  • The form is inspired by the unusual and distinctive shape of a Boab tree
  • The four pillars reflect the brands core values, so they’re embedded within each action of the brand
  • The Boab “rocks” highlight the importance of a solid foundation

The Boab logo reflects the four core values of the business:

  1. Approachable
  2. Reliable
  3. Innovative
  4. Solutions-focussed
BOAB are pioneering the project management space within Australia, from renewable energy to construction. BOAB offers the perfect intersection between successful on-site project management and technology-enhanced systems. 

No longer is there a disconnect between management and staff. Instead, BOAB bridge the gap between staff and planning, “Taking the guesswork out of project management”. This pairing has allowed Boab to genuinely revolutionise project management, leveraging their refreshed brand identity and reputation to provide the highest standard of project management.

BOAB now has a strong brand identity, tagline and value system that has allowed them to unlock their point-of-difference to revolutionise the project management experience within Australia.
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