Bistrot St. Jean

Brand Identity / Digital / Print Design / Experiential
/ Packaging / Hand Painted Mural

Branding an authentic French dining experience.

Branding an authentic
French dining experience.

A simple, rustic and delicious branding for French Bistrot bringing a little slice of Paris to the heart of Geelong.

Stepping into Bistrot St Jean is like stepping into a small hidden Paris delight. We were brought on at the very beginning walking into the newly rented space crumbling walls and all. Alongside the owners we worked closely on the branding digging through history books for inspiration and fused this into a modern application. From the brandmark based on hand painted french signs to the interior experience. Every element of the brand is inspired by the french roots. A little piece of France in Geelong.

Enter from behind and there is a mural from Shmikky Mills to greet you. Serving coffees at the mini Petit St Jean to office workers.

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