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Aiding transition and adjustment from service to civilian life

One of the most common and widely recognised challenges faced by Defence personnel is the adjustment period to civilian life following discharge.

What is talked about less openly, and less often, is the fact that many veterans and ex-Defence personnel continue to fight their own battles, even after transitioning to civilian life.


We worked with Pragma and The Australian Government Department of Veteran Affairs on the design of their service delivery model program to support the transition to civilian employment.

Ex-Defence personnel who have transitioned to civilian life have a higher prevalence of mental health conditions than the civilian population, with a high rate of PTSD. The service delivery model program aimed to ease the tradition and offer support to people as they transition.

The outcome was the design of a 50-page book with a special focus on creating a suite of infographics to simplify complex information to give ex-Defence personnel the tools to thrive in their transition to civilian employment, prepare for the challenges and create structure in their new lives.

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