Redefining Patient Experience: Strategy-Led Approach to Women’s Healthcare in Kenya

Infographic illustration depicting Women's Healthcare and our Strategy-Led Patient Experience development for Kenya based Cliniva

In the heart of Kenya, where the resounding need for accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare for women echoed through communities, Cliniva emerged as a beacon of change. This transformative journey is a testament to the formidable influence of strategy, design, and storytelling in transcending healthcare inequality for women’s health. Collaborating closely with Cliniva, Storyfolk played a pivotal role in redefining their patient experience through a strategy-led approach cultivated in co-design workshops. This partnership emphasised the importance of inclusivity and collaboration, ensuring that the unique needs of women were at the forefront of the transformative initiatives.

Cliniva Women's Healthcare Branded Panel Design showing a Happy Kenyan Woman making a heart with her hands eluding to a positive Patient Experience

Women’s healthcare challenges in Kenya:
A strategy-led approach

Women and adolescent girls, the most vulnerable group in Kenya, face heightened vulnerability exacerbated by gender-based violence, harmful cultural attitudes, and beliefs surrounding gender roles, norms, and female empowerment. The decision to focus on women’s healthcare over the entire market is grounded in the recognition of their unique needs and challenges. Through our strategy-led patient experience and co-design workshops, we delved deep into the intricacies of women’s healthcare, uncovering invaluable findings that informed and shaped Cliniva’s transformative initiatives. This collaborative approach ensured that the healthcare solutions provided were not only effective but also tailored to address the specific needs of women in Kenya.

Women as super-users of healthcare:

Women are the primary decision-makers in healthcare, making over 90% of healthcare decisions. Despite this, they often find themselves excluded from the driver’s seat in the Kenyan healthcare system.

Higher need for quality healthcare:

Women have a 30-50% higher likelihood of misdiagnosis than men. Additionally, they experience a unique relationship between mental and physical health, such as perinatal depression and anxiety associated with conditions like PCOS.

Total absence of service provision:

Critical healthcare services for women, such as menopause support and fertility support, are often neglected or entirely absent from Kenyan primary care.

Cliniva Billboard advertising Women's Healthcare

Shattering Barriers for Women’s Healthcare

Cliniva, dedicated to its mission, faced a pivotal challenge characterised by an absence of distinct visual identity and effective market positioning. This challenge posed a significant constraint on the potential impact of Cliniva’s initiatives. The overarching goal was unequivocal: to offer accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare. The resolution to this challenge necessitated the development of a comprehensive strategy harmonising with Cliniva’s forward-looking vision.

Crafting a vision in time for flagship clinic launch:

Recognising the intricate and invaluable nature of women’s healthcare, Cliniva enlisted the expertise of Storyfolk to spearhead a transformative initiative in time for the launch of their flagship clinic. The objective was to redefine the essence of healthcare by addressing both the physical and mental aspects of women’s health.

Render of Cliniva Women's Healthcare Clinic. Our strategy-led and patient-centric approach influenced in the design.

Adapting women’s healthcare: The strategy-led transformation

Understanding healthcare challenges for women in Kenya:

Storyfolk delved deep into comprehending the intricate challenges of women-centric healthcare within the Kenyan context. This in-depth understanding guided every design decision, ensuring that the visual elements resonated with the specific needs and challenges faced by women.

Adaptability to changes:

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of healthcare environments, Storyfolk not only adeptly responded to changes in requirements, messaging, or visual elements during the project but proactively anticipated potential shifts.

Impactful touchpoints:

From large-scale billboards to informative brochures, social media assets to a customised art direction guide, every touchpoint was considered in time for the opening of the flagship clinic. The focus remained on empathy, efficiency, and exceptional service.

Cliniva Women's Healthcare Branded Panel Design showing a Kenyan Woman kissing her babies head eluding to a positive Patient Experience

Insights gained: The impact of
women-centric healthcare solutions

Cliniva’s steadfast dedication to fostering empathy-based relationships, delivering efficient service, and building trust stands as a powerful testament to the transformative influence of branding and a customer-centric approach within the healthcare sector.

The power of strategic creative partners in healthcare branding

This transformative journey of Cliniva exemplifies the indispensable role of strategic creative partners in healthcare branding. In a project where so much is at stake, Storyfolk’s adept understanding, creative prowess, and adaptability emerged as the driving force behind Cliniva’s success.


Conclusion: Redefining women’s healthcare with empathy at the core

As Cliniva continues its pioneering journey in women-centric healthcare, the story of its transformation stands as an inspiration. Achieving an impressive NPS at +88, placing them at the 99th percentile of the healthcare industry globally, Cliniva believes that customer experience is at the core of value creation. The patient feedback speaks for itself, reflecting delightful experiences through personalized care, supportive physical environments, transparency, and a full commitment to quality and patient outcomes. Cliniva is just getting started, continually finding ways to keep both members and non-members thrilled with their care. Breaking barriers, redefining healthcare, and putting empathy at the core – Cliniva’s journey is a powerful testament to the potential of strategic design in creating accessible and equitable healthcare for all.

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