Telehealth Website Development Strategies for a Successful Digital Launch

The alto health website homepage with telehealth functionality

Compassion, creative thinking, and a digital mindset allowed Alto Health to pivot from their physical bricks and mortar launch to a digital launch during COVID-19, emphasizing telehealth website development. You’ve been planning a brand launch for months, and on the eve of the launch, a global pandemic hits—what do you do? This post explores how to pivot to a digital launch, with a focus on telehealth website development.

Alto Health had originally planned to launch the brand on March 25th, which coincided with Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions being implemented. We sat down with William to ensure Alto Health was able to provide much-needed healthcare support to people during the COVID-19 lockdowns in March 2020. “We had been working with Alto Health on the branding, strategy, and launch and knew that their services as healthcare professionals were needed now more than ever. We helped Alto Health pivot from its physical launch to a digital-first launch, focusing on Telehealth website development. Within three weeks, we worked with them to redevelop their website to include a membership offering and the introduction of Telehealth functionality within the site.” – Cass Mackenzie (Design Director of Storyfolk)

The creation of an in-depth user experience strategy allowed patients to easily navigate the platform and Telehealth experience, selecting from a range of diverse offerings. We also launched a custom member portal allowing them to take control of their health by setting goals, health assessments, and tracking upcoming appointments all from the comfort of their own home. The back-end of the site was thoughtfully created to allow Alto Health staff to continue doing what they do best, providing quality support to patients during a time when their patients needed that additional support.

Three takeaways we learned pivoting during COVID-19 and how to implement this into a digital launch:

  1. Communication is key:
    In a time where there was so much uncertainty, communication was essential to ensuring that Alto Health really was able to support people during this time. While the delivery method changed from a face-to-face consultation to a Telehealth consultation, they were still able to provide patients much needed medical care. Alto Health did an incredible job of engaging, reassuring, and connecting with their customers/audience during the COVID-19 period.
  1. Get social:
    The COVID-19 pandemic has showcased the power of social media. We used this as an opportunity to help establish Alto Health and connect with their patients, virtually. Alto prides themselves on thoughtful interactions and being approachable; this became the core of their social media strategy. Something that is essential to keep in mind for social media is that it is a social platform, meaning, you do actually have to give it some TLC, engage with your audience, and have real conversations. Platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook can be a great business tool, but it’s important to remember that it’s much more than that. It’s a way to really engage with your audience, connect with them, find out more about them, and see what they’re responding to.
  2. Know your audience:
    Understanding the needs and wants of your customers is the most important thing to do right now when considering a launch. Spend some time delving into who your audience is, what are the pain points they are currently experiencing, and what is bringing them joy? Find ways to tap into that to deliver a “Surprise and delight” moment to showcase you understand them and you’re here to support them. This could be offering a loyalty incentive or an unexpected gift on their birthday. This is the time to think outside of the box to really engage with your customers, staff, and people.


You can learn more and view our case study for Alto Health here or look at the Alto Health website we created here.

Alto Health design material and an ipad with Telehealth website design


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