Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Sustainable & Innovative Packaging Design

Sustainable Packaging Design infographic illustration highlighting the impact of single use packs and highlighting thoughtful design

In a landscape where purpose-driven brands are reshaping industries, Shhh Silk emerges as a beacon of change—a sleep, wellness, and beauty brand on a mission to elevate lives through the profound transformation of sleep and self-care. As the dedicated creative and strategic ally for Shhh Silk, Storyfolk embarked on a transformative 12-month journey, steering the […]

One Tree Planted: Our Studio’s Ethical Branding Pledge

Storyfolk Studio's Ethical Branding Pledge shown in icon design placed on an aerial shot of forest

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting partnership, one that’s dedicated to creating a lasting positive impact on our precious planet. We’ve been on a mission to go beyond the ordinary, setting a benchmark for corporate social responsibility and highlighting that you don’t have to be the biggest business to make a big impact. At […]