Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Sustainable & Innovative Packaging Design

Sustainable Packaging Design infographic illustration highlighting the impact of single use packs and highlighting thoughtful design. Recycle symbol features on box designs with plants growing out of them with a second life use.

In a landscape where purpose-driven brands are reshaping industries, Shhh Silk emerges as a beacon of change—a sleep, wellness, and beauty brand on a mission to elevate lives through the profound transformation of sleep and self-care. As the dedicated creative and strategic ally for Shhh Silk, Storyfolk embarked on a transformative 12-month journey, steering the […]

One Tree Planted: Our Studio’s Ethical Branding Pledge

Storyfolk Studio's Ethical Branding Pledge shown in icon design placed on an aerial shot of forest

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting partnership, one that’s dedicated to creating a lasting positive impact on our precious planet. We’ve been on a mission to go beyond the ordinary, setting a benchmark for corporate social responsibility and highlighting that you don’t have to be the biggest business to make a big impact. At […]

Pause Awards Judging for Excellence, Good and Culture

Group of Pause award judges featuring our Design Director Cass

There are 60 expert judges from Australia and abroad all geared up to score some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking businesses. We’re fortunate to have our very own Cass Mackenzie and Sarah Gross selected to be on the Pause Awards judging panel across: Good: Standing up for your purpose and going beyond together as […]

NAIDOC Week Poster Design: Celebrating Culture and Creativity

Poster for NAIDOC Week

NAIDOC Week Poster Design celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As part of our Brand Kitchen initiative, we closely collaborated with The Footscray Hockey Club to commemorate and promote NAIDOC Week in Melbourne’s West by crafting their inaugural NAIDOC week […]

Purpose-Driven Design Agency: Mavens Interviews Storyfolk Founders

Storyfolk founders Cass and Sarah in their Purpose-Driven Design Agency located in Melbourne

Our founders Cass Mackenzie and Sarah Gross were invited to participate in The Mavens interview series, championing exceptional women in advertising and media. A short snippet from the interview: There’s a new breed of agency on the horizon and two female founders are at the forefront of this change. Introducing Storyfolk, a purpose-driven design agency partnering with like-minded brands who […]

Design Thinking in Mental Health Campaigns: The #SAVEHOSPO Project during Covid-19

Design Thinking Executed in Mental Health Campaign: Paste-Up Posters Across Melbourne

Amid the challenging landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, a remarkable initiative called the #SAVEHOSPO Project emerged. This project went beyond its initial mission to promote 35 Melbourne-based hospitality businesses and evolved into a beacon of hope, showcasing the power of design thinking in mental health campaigns. Originally conceived as a passionate effort to shed light […]

Empathy in Design: Workshop for Melbourne International Design Week

artwork by Tibor Novak and title reading Empathy in design

Empathy in Design: Storyfolk Partners with the Gordon TAFE and NGV for Melbourne International Design Week Workshop. Empathy is a driving force that shapes both the world of design and our everyday lives. At Storyfolk, we firmly believe in the profound impact of empathy, which is why we were honoured to be invited to participate […]